Soap Scum is No Longer a Problem for Charles!

Keep your bathtub soap scum free by using Wet & Forget Shower weekly!

Charles spent a lot of time and effort scrubbing his shower insert and porcelain tub to clean up stubborn soap scum. He had used many mild abrasive bathroom cleaners in the past to attempt to remove soap scum and wasn’t seeing much of a difference.

He grew tired of scrubbing and using mild abrasive bathroom cleaners in his shower.

“I’m 72 years old, and I don’t like having to get down on my hands and knees to scrub surfaces with cleaners. They’d leave a gritty feeling after using them on shower surfaces.” -Charles S. from Chicago, IL

Say Goodbye to Soap Scum!

Cleaning your shower shouldn’t be a hard laboring task. Luckily, Charles discovered Wet & Forget Shower and never had to go back to scrubbing his shower insert or porcelain bathtub.

After reading our website, Charles figured Wet & Forget Shower was the right cleaner for him as it would take care of his soap scum problem without scrubbing.

Besides, Wet & Forget Shower will also clean grime and body oils on shower surfaces. Its no scrub formula makes cleaning your shower a less daunting task.

Charles sprayed his shower down once a week and rinsed the surfaces clean the next day. Cleaning the bathroom became effortless for him after using Wet & Forget Shower.

“I didn’t have to scrub. I didn’t have to get down on my hands and knees anymore. It is so quick to use.” -Charles S. 

Quickly Clean Hard to Reach Areas

Wet & Forget Shower also includes a highly efficient sprayer that makes cleaning hard to reach areas simple.  The sprayer comes with two settings, a mist spray, and stream spray.

Any shower surface is reachable with these settings along with the sprayer’s 3-foot hose. The highly efficient sprayer eliminates any back-aching bending, leaning, and squatting as it applies 65% more cleaner than the average bathroom cleaner with each spray.

Wet & Forget Shower will leave your shower insert clean and shiny!

Unlike daily shower sprays, Wet & Forget Shower will keep your shower surfaces clean with just one weekly application. No scrubbing or wiping necessary.

It also has a soft vanilla scent, leaving your shower sparkling and smelling great. Using it on a regular weekly basis will also help prevent the buildup of soap scum, grimes, and oils.

One container of Wet & Forget Shower will even last up to 12 weeks, so you won’t have to make that extra trip to the store every month to purchase more shower cleaner!

“Wet & Forget Shower is a product that does what it says it will do.” -Charles S. 

Charles loves the ease and quickness of using Wet & Forget Shower. Scrubbing soap scum became a time-consuming task of the past, now that Charles cleans with Wet & Forget Shower. Be sure to check out the success Sue had with cleaning her tub and shower without scrubbing thanks to Wet & Forget.

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