Indoor Plants that are Absurdly Easy to Maintain

Indoor Plants that are Absurdly Easy to Maintain

Everybody loves the sight of a beautiful outdoor scene with an array of flowers, bushes, and trees to capture the magnificence of nature. This warm feeling driven by Mother Nature is something many try to replicate in their homes.

Some people have a green thumb, but many of us unfortunately do not, meaning we inadvertently endanger indoor plants in our efforts to grow and maintain them.

But don’t get discouraged: you’ll be happy to hear there’s a large list of indoor plants that are almost harder to kill than keep alive.


The first resilient indoor plant that comes to mind is the cactus. There’s a wide variety of cacti that can be implemented in the home and require little to no care.

Most only require watering every week or two! Simply place them in an area that gets sunlight most of the day. Talk about low maintenance!

These beauties come in many sizes, shapes and sprout a variety of beautiful blooms.

Areca Palm

Areca Plant


Looking to establish a warmer, more tropical mood in your home but fear tropical indoor plants may need constant care with watering and climate control? Then we’ve got the perfect plant for you: the Areca Palm.

This pot-based plant ranges in size from a small table addition to a towering 6′-7′ tall tree-like room addition. No matter which size you chose, the areca palm gives the Caribbean vacation vibe with its lush, long, thin green leaves extending from the base.

This low maintenance plant only needs to be watered every other week due to its dry soil preference.  It even thrives in indirect sunlight. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Pot


The snake plant (also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue!) is another fun-looking jungle-like plant with leaves growing straight out of the pot. Its upright green leaves have exotic yellow and white edges, and it also blooms a white flower from time to time, giving it a new look.

This interesting indoor plant also has faint, tiger like stripes running across the leaves, a fun contrast against solid colors within a room. The snake plant is commonly used as a room divider or to create privacy nooks within the home.




Also fitting within the tropical theme is the tillandsia. This unusual plant doesn’t need soil to survive, so your display options are endless!

The tillandsia can be glued to almost anything with water soluble glue. Hang them on walls, mount them to rocks, or place them on or in any household item imaginable.

If your home has a beach theme, a conch shell would be the perfect option for displaying this striking plant. The tillandsia comes in a wide variety of colors, leaf rigidity, and has magnificent blooms that last for weeks.

This unique plant lives off of the surrounding environment, so a simple light spray of water once a week will keep it healthy and bringing beauty to your home for years to come.

Learn more about this versatile plant here!




For the more traditional home setting, the ficus is the perfect indoor tree to liven up any room with its bright green leaves accented with a whitish, almost yellow outline. It is very common to braid the stems, which brings a fun new look to any room.

You can even add Christmas lights to the ficus for a warm glow in the evening.  The ficus can go several days without watering and thrives at room temperature, making it the perfect low-maintenance houseplant.




The pothos is the least difficult plant on this list to maintain. It is great looking and actually has a practical purpose: cleaning your home!

Okay, it won’t take out a mop and do your floors but it will help purify your air! The pothos plant absorbs toxins, such as formaldehyde, which may be lurking in your home.

This plant is not only stylish but helps maintain a healthy home! The pothos thrives in an array of light variations and can go days without watering. Need we say more?

Spider Plant

Spider Plants

The spider plant is also easy to maintain and purifies the air. For more information, read our article dedicated to spider plants.

Stick to Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Nobody likes it when recently purchased plants die and litter the floor with brown leaves. Many plants are very touchy when it comes to watering, room temperature and light exposure.

If you don’t have a green thumb, like many people, then we suggest you stick to the many low-maintenance plants available at your local home and garden store.

These plants are sure to accent your décor and bring beauty to your home. Several will even improve your air quality!

Along with these amazing air purifying plants, Wet & Forget Indoor Mold+Mildew Cleaner will also keep your home clean.  One spray cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects. Wipe out mold and mildew the easy way!

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Photos courtesy of CactusInfo, KENPEI-KENPEIMartin Olsson, Plants Rescue, KLPA (Joshua Kulpa), and Dtarazona.

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