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Quick Tips & Tricks to Style Your Indoor Plants

Are your houseplants ho-hum? Could they use a makeover? A new pot or the just right accessory can take your favorite indoor plants from pretty good to gorgeous. Here we’ll cover plant styling tips including location, display, and color. Places and Spaces – Where to Display Your Indoor Plants Living Room A large, eye-catching plant on the living room floor or atop a console adds texture and a touch of ‘green’ to a social space. […]

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Indoor Plants that are Absurdly Easy to Maintain

Everybody loves the sight of a beautiful outdoor scene with an array of flowers, bushes, and trees to capture the magnificence of nature. This warm feeling driven by Mother Nature is something many try to replicate in their homes. Some people have a green thumb, but many of us unfortunately do not, meaning we inadvertently endanger indoor plants in our efforts to grow and maintain them. But don’t get discouraged: you’ll be happy to hear […]

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