Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Love

Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Love

Not sure what gift to get Dad for Father’s Day? These thoughtful, handmade gifts are sure to make you Dad’s favorite. Read on for 5 easy DIY Father’s Day gifts that Dad is sure to enjoy.

DIY Decorated Toolbox

Decorate a toolbox for Dad

Gift your favorite handy-man a new toolbox on Father’s Day! Decorate a plastic toolbox with finger paints, paint markers, and paintbrushes!

Cover your child’s hand with finger paint and press the hand to the side of the toolbox to leave an outlined print on the side. Use paintbrushes to fill in any empty areas of the handprint with additional paint.

Let the painted handprints dry. Using a paint marker, write “DAD” on the side of the toolbox and any other decorations!

Once you have let the toolbox dry overnight, fill it with tissue paper and various gifts for Dad.

A few “Dad” gift ideas: Starbucks gift card, travel mug, tape measure, grill essentials, favorite candies, nuts, etc.

Additional ideas: personalize the toolbox by adding the logo of a favorite sports team or images that represent Dad’s favorite things (basketball, cars, cooking, etc.)! You can also use a tackle box instead of a toolbox for a Dad that loves to fish!

If you are feeling up for a challenge, click here to learn how to build your own wooden tool box!

Learn more at Lovejaime.com.

DIY Kid’s Art Candy Pot for Dad

Made To Be Momma’s simple art pot is an easy DIY gift for Dad on Father’s day. Using a medium-sized terra cotta plant pot, paint the bottom of the pot black, leaving the pot rim unpainted.

Allow the paint to dry. Then, using metallic paint markers, have your kids draw a picture of the family on the pot.

The metallic paint markers will be visible on most acrylic paint colors, so you can try painting the pots with Dad’s favorite colors too!

You can also write a message on the unpainted rim using a paint marker, or leave it blank.

If a child isn’t happy with the result, just paint over the design, and try again.

Once the artwork is completely dry, fill the empty pot with a bag of Dad’s favorite candy, tied with a ribbon. You could also fill the pot with a plant, gift card, garden gloves, or small garden tools.

Multi-Colored Golf Balls

For golf-loving Dads, this DIY, kid-friendly gift is sure to please Pop!

What You’ll Need:

  • A box of white golf balls (or sneak a few from Dad’s golf bag)
  • Sharpie markers in several colors
  • A clean egg carton or empty box.


  1. Set the balls and markers on a newspaper-covered table,
  2. Let the kids go crazy – coloring and drawing.
  3. Allow to dry and place in an egg carton or empty box.

On our golf balls, we drew symbols that remind us of Dad and various patterns in Dad’s favorite colors!

For extra special packaging, paint, color, or decorate the egg carton or empty box as well!

What Dad can resist a carton full of rainbow-colored golf balls?

Pop-themed Gift Basket

This clever “pop” themed gift from Pretty Providence is sure to make Dad smile. All you need is a large woven basket or plastic pail, gift tissue, a bow, a gift tag, and various small treats with the word, “Pop” in the brand name or ingredients.

Here’s a few imaginative ideas: Pop Rocks candy, Tootsie Pops, Microwavable Popcorn, a bottle of soda pop, etc.

Layer gift tissue in the bottom of the basket. Then place the gifts inside; start with tall items in the back, and gradually layer to short items in front.

Top the basket with a bow. Write “World’s Greatest Pop” on the gift tag and attach it to the front of the basket!

Let Dad Take a Break from Outdoor Cleaning Chores
Wet & Forget was applied to the top right corner of this driveway

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These easy DIY Father’s Day gifts will come straight from the heart. Honor Dad on his special day!

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