Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Here Are 6 of Our Best Home Improvement Posts

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Here Are 6 of Our Best Home Improvement Posts

Let’s face it: Dads work hard. From bringing home a paycheck, to taking the kids to soccer practice, to fixing that leaky roof–if you’re a dad, it can seem like your work’s never done.

We here at Wet & Forget also know that dads take pride in their homes. Coming home after a long day’s work to a place that is your sanctuary, and that is fixed up just like you want it, inside and out, is a very satisfying feeling.

But having the time and the cash for all of your home improvement projects can seem just about impossible these days. That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite articles that will save you time and money while you spruce up your home, and give you more time to spend firing up the grill and kicking your feet up.

Happy Father’s Day from Wet & Forget!

1. How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a terrific option to protect your home and keep it looking attractive without having to re-paint every few years. But if your vinyl siding becomes covered in patches of moss, green algae, black algae, lichen or mold and mildew, your siding will go from looking good to looking like a hot mess.

This article shows you how to keep your vinyl siding clean and beautiful with Wet & Forget Outdoor, with no need for scrubbing or power washing.

We especially wanted to share this article because we recently heard back from a very satisfied customer we introduced in it. The article tells about the success Gilbert and Carol S. of Dayton. Ohio had defeating green algae on their vinyl siding.

Gilbert recently contacted us again to say that “it seems like the siding gets cleaner every time I look at it!” That’s because Wet & Forget Outdoor keeps working with the wind and rain to clean the siding and keep the algae away for a year or more in most cases.

Gilbert will spend his Father’s Day relaxing with his family, instead of worrying about his siding.

siding algae

2. How to Get a Free Backyard Makeover

A lot of dads like to get outside on Father’s Day and grill out, toss the ball around in the backyard, or just hang out on the deck. And, when we’re outside, all of us take a look around sometimes and imagine how cool a firepit would look over here, or how awesome some outdoor speakers would sound over there, or how comfy some new patio furniture would be.

Our phenomenal summer contest gives you the chance to win a “backyard makeover” that includes more than $4,900 worth of prizes that will make your backyard the envy of your neighborhood. We’re also having weekly drawings all summer to give away free bottles of Wet & Forget Outdoor and Wet & Forget Shower.

Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Click here to get the details and get entered.

3. How to Save Your Roof

Your home’s roof is one of your most important investments, because it protects your home–and everything in it–from the elements. Moss can do real damage to your roof, and cleaning your roof with bleach or a pressure washer can risk damage to your roof, rain gutters or downspouts.

Cleaning your roof with Wet & Forget Outdoor will keep it free of damaging moss, those ugly streaks of black algae, slimy green algae, lichen, and mold and mildew. Wet & Forget Outdoor zaps these nasty growths with no need for scrubbing or pressure washing, and keeps them away for a year or more in most cases.

Wet & Forget Outdoor helps you spend less time cleaning your roof, and more time watching the game!


4. How to Spruce up Your Home on the Cheap

We’d all like to freshen things up around the house sometimes, when things start to look dingy and worn out. However, you don’t always have the spare cash in your budget to make a major renovation.

This article includes 3 ways you can make a noticeable difference in your home without making your wallet very much lighter. These tips will leave you with more money for some family fun, or to pay down some bills.

5. How to Find Durable, Inexpensive Flooring and Countertops

Sometimes your home needs more than a little sprucing up. When it comes time to replace your kitchen countertops or flooring, making the right choice is essential for saving money and getting the right material for your family’s taste and needs.

This article looks at 4 inexpensive options for new flooring in any room, and this article discusses 6 of the options out there for replacing kitchen countertops. Happy renovating!


6. How to Clean and Beautify Bricks and Concrete

Concrete is a nice-looking, versatile option for driveways, walkways, porches, patios and pool surrounds, and brick is a beautiful, durable material for walls, walkways and flower boxes.

Both of these popular materials can fall victim to moss, lichen, algae, or mold and mildew, which can ruin their appearance and even cause or exacerbate damage.

This article will help you keep your bricks clean and beautiful, and this article will help you keep your concrete free of these ugly invaders.

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