Too Busy to Scrub? Get Wet & Forget Shower and Stop Scrubbing Today!

Too Busy to Scrub? Get Wet & Forget Shower and Stop Scrubbing Today!

Fall is a busy time of year. Between shuttling the kids to school and fall sports practice, preparing your home and garden for colder weather, and keeping up with your regular work schedule, who has time to keep scrubbing the shower?

With Wet & Forget Shower, you can break free from scrubbing and still keep your shower shining. Wet & Forget Shower eliminates soap scum and shower grime with no scrubbing and just one simple weekly application.

Stop scrubbing and save that time for yourself! Read on to find out how.

Eliminate Soap Scum and Shower Grime with Zero Scrubbing

With all the time you spend rushing around, the last thing you need to do is spend more time than you need to spend cleaning your shower. That’s where Wet & Forget comes in: Wet & Forget Shower wipes out soap scum and shower grime with zero scrubbing.

Just spray once and rinse! It’s that simple.

Wet & Forget Shower’s dual-surfactant formula goes to work on contact to break down the gunk that builds up on your shower’s surfaces.

The first surfactant is specially formulated to break down soap scum, and the second surfactant attacks shower grime. After Wet & Forget Shower has done all the work for you, you simply rinse the soap scum and grime right down the drain!

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One Weekly Application Means More Time for You

Most no-scrub shower cleaners require you to spray your shower every single day in order to get results, which doesn’t end up saving you any time.

Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower sparkling-clean with just one easy application a week, which gives you more time to get other things done, or maybe even put your feet up for a little while.

Toni, a mother of 3 who works up to 60 hours a week, wrote to us to tell us how thrilled she was after seven months of freedom from scrubbing her shower.

How will you use the time you save once you break free from scrubbing your shower? Will you plant some mums, or maybe steal a little playtime, like little Myles’s mom in the photo above?

While you’re planting or playing, you won’t have to worry about your shower, because Wet & Forget Shower’s gentle formula is safe to use on all of your shower’s surfaces.* And our high-efficiency sprayer is so easy to use, you’ll be finished applying Wet & Forget Shower and back to living your life before you know it.

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Bonus: Pamper your Nose and Spare your Wallet!

Not only will Wet & Forget Shower set you free from scrubbing and save you time; it will also spare your nose from the bleachy fumes you get with most no-scrub shower cleaners. Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla essence scent will make your nose think it’s spa day, not cleaning day.

And because you only need to use Wet & Forget Shower once a week instead of every day, it ends up costing less than the average daily no-scrub shower spray. So you save time and cash!

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.