Fan of the Month: Jane Wiped out Algae and Ditched the Pressure Washer

Fan of the Month: Jane Wiped out Algae and Ditched the Pressure Washer

Jane had been fighting a losing battle against green algae on her vinyl siding and fence and black algae on her concrete. She would clean up the mess with bleach or a pressure washer, but the algae would grow right back.

Then she tried Wet & Forget Outdoor, and she’s never looked back! Read on to see her amazing results.

“ I would use bleach, but it always came back, and it wasn’t gone long.” -Jane M. from Jacksonville, FL

Wipe Out Algae With Ease!

wipe out algae

Jane had a big problem on her hands: the humid Florida air created the perfect environment for algae to thrive, and the homeowners’ association where she and her husband lived had rules prohibiting visible growths on siding, fences, and other surfaces.

Green algae invaded Jane’s vinyl siding and white vinyl fence, and black algae spread across the surface of some concrete blocks that formed a border for a grouping of bushes. Jane used to use bleach or a pressure washer to clean her siding and fence, both of which required a lot of work out in the hot sun.

Jane and her husband were tired of spending money to rent a pressure washer, and cleaning the siding with bleach meant climbing on a ladder and laboriously scrubbing. Worst of all, neither method did anything to keep the algae from growing right back again:

“It just gets it clean for a little bit, and not even 100%, and you still have to do it again,” Jane said. Jane was stuck in a never-ending cycle of cleaning and re-cleaning, and she was ready to stop.

“It’s neat to know it’s not caustic, it’s not expensive, and it does the job it says it’s going to do.” -Jane M.

Wet & Forget to the Rescue!

wet & forget removes sidewalk mold

Jane was stuck bleaching and pressure washing over and over again until she heard about Wet & Forget Outdoor on the radio and all that changed. Jane’s neighbors used to see her on a regular basis up on a ladder, struggling to clean her siding. Now all that is history and good riddance!

“I haven’t pressure washed the house in several years now,” she says. “I just spray it down with Wet & Forget, and a couple of weeks later I will scrub it down with a broom just to get off the dust.”

Jane was also very impressed with the results she got when she used Wet & Forget Outdoor to clean the black algae off of the concrete blocks that form the border for her bushes.

“They were black and I sprayed them down, and—I’ll be darned—a couple of weeks later they were already getting cleaner!” And while a caustic chemical such a bleach would be risky to use so close to valued plants, Wet & Forget Outdoor is non-caustic and safe to use near plants.

Now Jane has made Wet & Forget Outdoor a regular part of her spring and fall cleaning routine. She gives her siding and the vinyl fence around her air conditioning unit a quick spray with Wet & Forget Outdoor, and the algae stay away!

Check out the photo of Jane’s spotless vinyl fence at the top of this article, as well as the before and after shots of how Wet & Forget Outdoor wiped out green algae on a wood fence and black algae on a sidewalk and concrete blocks, sent in by other thrilled homeowners.

“The product is just amazing!” -Jane M.

Spreading the Word about Wet & Forget Outdoor!

best brick cleaner

Jane was so thrilled about no longer having to bleach or pressure wash the algae at her home, she couldn’t wait to spread the word. She wrote an article in the newsletter for her homeowners’ association, which reaches about 300 households.

She told her neighbors: “You may not see me on a ladder scrubbing the side of the house anymore…instead, I’ll be spraying and going in for a cup of coffee thanks to Wet & Forget.”

Now that’s an activity we can definitely get behind! We also recommend these delicious burger recipes that you can sample during the free time you’re spending not scrubbing your siding, and also these fun decorating ideas.

Jane has also told all of her friends and family about Wet & Forget Outdoor, and she even goes out of her way to help strangers: “Sometimes if I’m at the hardware store and I see someone picking up ‘the other stuff’ I’ll tell them, ‘You really should try Wet & Forget. It’s wonderful!’”

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  1. cara marsh

    This really is a question and I hope you can answer it. On our street underground water seeps up through seams in the concrete. Green, slimy, slick green stuff develops. I assume this is algae. Would your product work to control/eliminate it. If so, how would be apply it.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Cara Marsh

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Cara,
      Yes, Wet & Forget will take care of the green algae that’s forming on your concrete. Use a garden pump sprayer and mix Wet & Forget with water, apply a good heavy amount and let the wind and the rain do the rest of the work.