Getting Your Boat Ready for the Water

Getting Your Boat Ready for the Water

When you love the freedom and adventure of cutting through ocean waves or prefer to relax on a calm and placid lake, one thing is certain: you enjoy being on the water, especially during the warm summer months.

What’s not fun, however, is anxiously pulling your boat out of storage at the start of the season, only to find that its surfaces inside and out are infested with mold, mildew, and algae after a long season of sitting in the dark.

But fret not: as long as you have Wet & Forget, these mold, mildew, and algae are a cinch to remove from your boat’s surfaces.

For the best results, it’s important to remove your boat from the water and let it dry before applying Wet & Forget.  Apply* Wet & Forget to any surfaces suffering from black and green stains.

You can use the Wet & Forget Concentrate formula, mixed 5:1 with water, in a tank sprayer for larger applications.

If you have a small application, you can use Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use formula. Once dry, you can put your boat back in the water and enjoy being out on the water while Wet & Forget works with the wind, water and sun to clean your boat for you!

The Hull

The hull is made to endure the constant crash of waves as you split the water’s surface. But even a strong hull can be infested with mold, mildew, and algae.

These stains look unattractive and can negatively affect your boat’s performance in the water. A boat with a clean hull cuts through the water with maximum efficiency.

To ensure smooth sailing, eliminate those stains from your hull with Wet & Forget!


best boat seat cleaner

Boat seat cushions are only enjoyable when they are clean and free of stains. After several months of being stowed away, or simply from being on the water, your boat’s seat cushions are likely to be prone to mildew.

Now you can keep them clean 24/7.  Simply, wet the cushions with Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use and forget about it (boat seats should be rinsed with water before use). If the elements (wind and rain etc) aren’t able to assist the stain, then a gentle scrub will do the trick!

In the before-and-after picture below, you can see a dirty boat cushion (left picture), but with the use of Wet & Forget a white stain-free cushion is a result (right picture).

Stern and Bow

The stern (back) and bow (front) may be infested with green and blacks stains from excess exposure to water. Future damage to your boat may occur if the growths are not treated.

Wet & Forget Outdoor can get the job done so the back and front of your boat are good as new! Since these areas are located on the outside, remember to remove your boat from the water before application.


Boat carpeting is not a pretty sight when it’s covered in nasty mold and mildew stains. It’s certainly not enjoyable for you and others tagging along for boat rides.

Your boat carpeting is prone to black stains due to the constant exposure to humidity and water. But no worries Wet & Forget eliminates those nasty black stains, leaving you with brand new looking carpet for the boating season!


boat properller cleaner

The propeller affects every aspect of your boat’s performance: acceleration, handling, turning, fuel efficiency, and top speed. Algae growth on your propeller may hinder your boat’s performance.

Protect your propeller and your boating experience with Wet & Forget so future repairs are not in store for you.

Sails, Upholstery, and Bimini Tops

Clean boat covers, sails, upholstery, and bimini and pontoon tops are important when keeping your boat shipshape. Wet & Forget can maintain your boat’s physical appearance year-round.

A few applications of Wet & Forget each year will keep your canvas, sailcloth, cotton, or any other boat material free of the black stains caused by mold and mildew.

boat mold remover

Customer submitted before and after photo

Some boat owners go overboard when it comes to their boat’s appearance. There’s no need to scrub every nook and cranny when you can use Wet & Forget!

Simply spray Wet & Forget on your boat’s DRY deck and then forget about it. The sun, water, wind, and rain will assist the nasty stains left behind from excess water.

You can now spend more time on the water rather than on your hands and knees scrubbing your deck.

Safe for Any Boat Surface

Our Wet & Forget Outdoor Ready-to-Use works on any smaller surface in your boat. Wet & Forget Outdoor works on larger surfaces such as the hull, stern, and bow of your boat.

Whether you have an antique wood boat or new fiberglass boat, Wet & Forget can keep it looking good all season long. Wet & forget is safe for any boat surface: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, canvas, sailcloth, cotton, stainless steel, composite, or any other material your boat might be made of.

Maintenance Application

You can use Wet & Forget as maintenance when putting the boat away for the winter.  Apply Wet & Forget to a clean boat before storing to help keep it clean until next season.

During the boating season at the first sign of black or green growths simply apply Wet & Forget to the contaminated surface and let it go to work cleaning for you!

Speed Clean

If you are in a rush to take your boat out, you can speed up the process by lightly power washing the boat after several days. Boat seats and carpet can be lightly agitated with a brush to speed up the cleaning process, as well.

Gentle Cleaning Solution

No need for those harsh chemicals that can dull your boat surfaces and cause more harm than good. Wet & Forget is a gentle solution so it won’t harm the surfaces being cleaned.

Wet & Forget will help you keep that beautiful sheen on your boat’s fiberglass or wood.

Wet & Forget, we’ll clean your boat so you don’t have to!

Stop by our website to learn more about our easy solutions to everyday problems, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time boating!

*Treatment must be performed 100 feet from ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers to prevent possible runoff into waterways.

Long summer days are perfect for spending time out on the water. Now that warm weather is finally here, it’s time to take your boat out of storage and enjoy boating season. However, boats can quickly collect mold, mildew, and algae after sitting in storage for a few seasons. Get your boat ready for the water by removing pesky mold, mildew, and algae growths easily with these simple tips!