DIY Projects for Beginners Made Easy

DIY Projects for Beginners Made Easy

Are you frequently overwhelmed by complicated DIY projects? Do you want to become a DIYer but don’t really know where to start? Beginner DIY projects are a great way to learn the basics of the DIY world.

We gathered our favorite quick and easy DIY projects from 3 different categories: sewing, woodworking, and home décor. DIY projects are not limited to these three categories, yet many DIY ideas evolve from these core groups.

Once you’ve tackled these projects, your DIY skills will be ready for many more to come!

 Sewing DIY Projects:

DIY handsewed keychain chapstick holder

Learning how to sew just got easier with Crazy Little Project’s tutorial on how to make a chapstick keychain holder. These cute little holders are a nifty way to never misplace your chapstick again!

They are very practical and easy to make. All you need for this DIY project is a needle, thread, a scrap of your favorite patterned fabric, and a keychain ring.

These materials are very inexpensive and can often be found lying around your home.

Chapstick keychain holders are a great way to learn how to hand stitch a small item. Furthermore, these holders make great little gifts for friends, kids, grandkids, and more!

They are also perfect stocking stuffers or party favors. Once you have this project down, you’ll see hand sewing is a cinche.

Simple zippered pillow cover diy project

Another beginner DIY sewing project, that will help you get to know your sewing machine, is Hey There Home’s DIY zippered pillow cover. The included step-by-step guide makes working with a sewing machine simple!

To create your zippered pillow cover you need fabric, a zipper, a sewing machine (with pins, thread, scissors, and an iron), and a pillow (you can use an old throw pillow or purchase a new pillow).

The tutorial only has 8 steps, so making this personalized DIY zippered pillow cover is easy to do and requires little time. Once you master this project you can make pillow covers for every room, simply change up the fabric.

This DIY project is relatively inexpensive because of the small material list and the use of repurposed pillows. You’ll never need to purchase a pillow sham again!

Woodworking DIY Projects:

Easy pallet desk DIY project

Start woodworking with Thistle Wood Farm’s fold-up pallet desk. For many other DIY projects, you have to disassemble a pallet, which can be incredibly difficult.

For this project, you don’t need to disassemble anything!  The bulk of this project consists of attaching different types of hinges to the pallet, which is easy to do with the included tutorial.

In addition, this beginner DIY project is very diverse and will also help you gain experience in cutting plywood, sanding wood, and staining wood. This fold up pallet desk is perfect for storing items in a small place, as the name states, it folds up so you have more room when needed.

Most of all, it’s a great project to show off your new DIY woodworking skills!

Home Décor DIY Projects:

DIY mason jar attatched to wood wall decor

Create new décor for your home with Christina’s Adventures’ DIY wood mason jar holder. This rustic addition to your home is the perfect way to incorporate the outdoorsy feel inside your home.

The wood paneling used for the back of this mason jar holder brings nature indoors. The addition of artificial or real flowers brightens up any home.

The supplies you need for this project are mason jars, wood, worm gear hose clamps, a drill, screws, and flowers (real or artificial). The tutorial even includes a video to help guide you along with the instructions listed.

Lastly, this project is an easy way to add new decorations to your walls while gaining new DIY skills.

All in all, these DIY projects are a great way to get started on becoming an avid DIYer.  There are a wide variety of skills that you can learn by completing these beginner DIY projects.

If your project doesn’t turn out the way you want the first attempt, don’t be discouraged! All of these projects are relatively inexpensive so you can easily try again and master each project.

Need inspiration for more DIY ideas? Check back to our Home Decor and Home Improvement categories on our blog. We’re always updating them with the latest trendy and efficient DIY projects.

(Photos Courtesy of Crazy Little Project, Hey There Home, Thistle Wood Farms, Christina’s Adventures )

Have you always wanted to become a DIYer but didn't know where to start? Use one of our favorite easy DIY projects for beginners.