Create a Burst of Color with these 4 Flowers for the Shade

Create a Burst of Color with these 4 Flowers for the Shade

Take a stroll down the street during spring or summer, and you’re likely to see splashes of color in the sunlight: vivid tulips, charming bluebells and sturdy black-eyed Susans. But if you think you need plenty of sun to pour on the color, you’re missing out. Flowers for shade don’t have to be dull: vivid annual flowers, perennials and flowering shrubs come in shade-loving varieties that will beautify your patio, deck and other shaded areas. Start with these 4 annual and perennial shade flowers to plant a shade garden that will be a true feast for the eyes!

Gorgeous Annual: Fuchsia

The fuchsia plant is known for its striking, vividly-colored pendant blooms (see photo). Fuchsia grows as a perennial along much of the west coast, and as a houseplant or annual in other regions. The “Florabelle” variety, also called “Lady’s Eardrops,” has beautiful red and purple flowers that bloom during the summer, and makes a lovely hanging basket plant for a shaded porch or patio. This distinctive bloom is sure to grab your guests’ attention during your next backyard barbecue.

Perennial Beauty: Hosta

The hosta is the perfect perennial flower to plant in shaded areas of your property. The plantain hosta reaches a height of 18 to 20 inches, is well suited for USDA hardiness zones 4a to 9a, and produces clusters of purple flowers in the late summer to early fall. Some hostas have silvery or variegated foliage, which makes them ideal for a moon garden.

Perfect for the Patio: Impatiens

Lovely Impatiens balsamina is ideal as a container plant on your deck, porch or patio. Blooming during the summer, its round, medium-petal flowers can turn pink, lavender, purple, red, white or yellow.Impatiens balsamina likes plenty of water and will thrive in full or partial shade–full sunlight can scorch this shade-loving beauty.

Colorful Shrub: Hydrangea

how to grow hydrangeas
The hydrangea is a popular shrub, and it’s easy to see why–its large, showy ball-shaped flower clusters are real eye-catchers. Hydrangea macrophylla, or “big leaf” hydrangea, blooms during spring or summer. Its flowers can turn either red, white, blue, lavender, pink or purple. Big leaf hydrangea thrives in shade to partial sun, and is suited for USDA hardiness zones 5b to 9a. The “Nikko Blue” variety of H. macrophylla is particularly striking. Hydrangea blooms make wonderful dried flowers.

Enjoy the shade!

Photos courtesy of Anniesannuals, Kenpei, Doctoroftcm, and Tom Bech.

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Add one of these shade-loving blooms for a colorful garden this spring!
These 4 shade loving flowers are a great way to make your garden more colorful.