Beat Moss Now with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Beat Moss Now with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Spring finally seems to be on the way after a long, cold winter, and many of us here in the Midwest finally got a peek at our grass again after some spring thunderstorms.

But while you’re happy to see some green grass, the melting snow might also reveal some not-so-welcome green stuff: moss. Moss can grow on just about any outdoor surface, from your roof to your driveway, and turn it into a real eyesore.

Even worse, moss can contribute to expensive damage such as roof leaks, damaged decking, driveway cracks, and crumbling patios. Put a stop to moss today!

Let Wet & Forget Outdoor put the spring rain to work wiping out moss and keeping it away, with no elbow grease needed. Read on to discover how, and to see an amazing before and after photo that will blow you away!

Moss: Disgusting and Damaging

Moss is a simple plant that grows in moist, partially shaded environments, such as on a log in the forest. But while moss looks scenic in the woods, it doesn’t look so nice on your brick wall, your patio, or your roof.

As long as it has plenty of moisture and a little sunlight, moss can adhere to just about any surface around the outside of your home.

When moss invades your home’s outdoor surfaces, it does a lot more than just look bad. Moss has root-like structures that attach it to a surface, and these structures can actually dig in and cause etching or pitting on materials such as decking, shingles, and some pavers.

Moss’s root-like structures can cause asphalt shingles to lose their protective granules, shortening the life of your roof and reducing your home’s protection from the elements. Moss also loves to wedge itself into any crack it can find.

This can be anywhere from the space between shingles or a tiny crack in your porch or driveway area. Then, as it grows, moss acts like a lever and forces the sides of the crack apart, causing singles to separate from the roof membrane, and cracks in concrete or other surfaces to get bigger and bigger.

Before you know it, you’re opening your wallet to spend big bucks on repairs.

Don’t let this happen to your property! Pick up some Wet & Forget Outdoor today, and let our gentle, scrub-free formula get to work eliminating moss wherever it crops up around your home.


How to Get Rid of Moss and Keep it Gone

Getting rid of moss on your outdoor surfaces couldn’t be easier; just ask Larry F., who wiped out moss and lichen on his roof with Wet & Forget Outdoor.

Here’s how:

  1. For moss on roofs, we recommend applying the Wet & Forget Hose End product. Simply connect the product to your hose and attach the jet setting tip. To apply the Wet & Forget Concentrate to a sidewalk or areas around landscaping edges, first mix 1 part Wet & Forget Outdoor with 5 parts water in a pump-up style garden sprayer.
  2. Spray the affected area with the diluted Wet & Forget at a time when the temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit when using the Wet & Forget Concentrate, when using the Wet & Forget Hose End product make sure the temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to saturate the moss thoroughly, so the solution can penetrate to the moss’s root-like structures. Allow at least 4 to 5 hours’ drying time before the threat of rain.
  3. Walk away, and let Wet & Forget do the work for you. The moss will gradually turn brown, die, and release its grip.
  4. Lightly brush the surface to remove the dead moss, or let the wind and rain wash it away.
  5. To keep moss away for good, re-treat the surface once a year or at the first sign of re-growth. Wet & Forget Outdoor continues working over time, and will keep moss away for a year or more in most cases.

That’s it!


Photos courtesy of Phoenix Wolf-Ray, Philip Brewer, and Wet & Forget.