4 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Stylishly Spacious

4 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Stylishly Spacious

Your bathroom gets more use than most of the rest of your house, and it’s a room that many of your guests are likely to see during your next get-together. Unfortunately, many home designs scrimp on size when it comes to this underappreciated room. This leaves you with a space that feels cramped and seems to have few style possibilities.

A crowded, stuffy and out-of-date powder room will hardly make a good impression on guests. In addition, the tight space will make your family’s Monday-morning routine even less enjoyable than it needs to be.

Follow these home improvement tips to make your small bathroom look more spacious, and to complement function with flair.

1: Let the Light Shine Through with Glass

If your bathtub or shower stall has opaque doors, exchange them for clear glass to let the light through and open up the room. Replace your shower stall’s opaque side wall with a glass one as well to increase the effect.

If you use a shower curtain, exchange the old solid-color one for a clear one. As your bathroom becomes more open and less divided into segments, it will naturally look bigger.

2: Tile for Tall Walls

Floor-to-ceiling tile adds reflective quality to your walls and makes the room look bigger. Tile all your walls in a solid color with a glossy or semi-glossy finish and add an accent stripe of colored tile just below the ceiling.

This helps to draw the eye upwards and make the ceiling seems taller. Another way to achieve this is to cover one wall with sparkly glass tile for a stylish feature that creates the illusion of a bigger space.

3: Semi-Gloss Sheen for a Larger Look

Light, pastel colors work to add space to a room. However, using rich, darker colors will also work as long as you use semi-gloss paint.

Semi-gloss paint reflects more light than matte varieties, which makes a surface appear bigger. Choose a semi-gloss paint for your bathroom’s walls and/or ceiling, and eliminate “clutter” from the walls, such as excessive towel hangers and too many decorations.

4: The Power of Light to Brighten and Enlarge

A dark space looks smaller, so make your bathroom well-lit to avoid the “cave effect”. Install recessed lighting in the ceiling and aim the lights towards the sink and other areas you want to highlight.

A wall sconce or small bathroom lamp can add elegance as well as light. For a more involved remodel, consider adding a skylight to bring natural light into your bathroom.

Photo courtesy of Stilfehler.

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