Bathroom Transformations on a Budget

Bathroom Transformations on a Budget

Is your bathroom boring? Are you itching to redecorate or redesign, but money is tight?

Here are a few bathroom transformations to make your bathroom into a welcoming, relaxing space that you and your guests will enjoy.

According to This Old House, a bathroom remodel can be accomplished with a budget of $3,000 or less. Bathroom transformations can also add to your home’s value.

The good news is you may be able to recoup a large portion of your costs if you decide to sell your home.

First, figure out how much you’re able to spend. This will help you determine the changes you’ll be able to make. If your budget is slim ($1,000 or less), cosmetic changes such as new sink, fixtures, and paint are doable.

With more cash you can make bigger changes such as enlarging your shower, adding a window, or upgrading tile.

Transform Your Bathroom- Easy Ways to Save

Be a Tile Miser

Tile can be expensive, especially when you include the cost of labor. Save money by limiting the amount of tile in the bath.

It’s best to save tile for high-use areas like the floor or tub/shower interior. If you crave artfully patterned or highly detailed tiles, use them sparingly, as an accent alongside less inexpensive tiles.

How to Save on Granite Counter Tops

High-end granite countertops can be expensive when used in the kitchen, but when used in a bath the cost can be reasonable. The trick is the color you choose.

Neutrals such as brown and beige are popular and more expensive. Consider alternate color options to save money.

An additional way to save is to purchase a slab of granite that has a few imperfections. The more noticeable the imperfection, the cheaper the price.

Remember that your sink will take up a large portion of the countertop so if the slight flaw is located where the sink or faucets will be cut, you may not see it anyway.

Refresh With a New Coat of Paint

Repainting your bathroom is one of the most inexpensive, yet most effective changes in bathroom transformations. But, remember, a small bath can take more time to paint than other rooms.

Why? There are more fixtures to work around such as the tub, shower, mirror, toilet, and sink. Keep plenty of painter’s tape on hand.

Buy high-quality paint in a satin finish to help fight humidity and moisture. Or, consider painting the walls and ceiling with a mildew-resistant paint made especially for baths, basements and moisture-prone areas.

Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

There are many faucets that will help you transform your bathroom

It’s fairly inexpensive to update fixtures such as faucets, lights, mirrors, drawer pulls, and towel racks. Changing out bath fixtures may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in your bath’s visual appeal.

Check out local reclaimed building material stores, such as Habitat for Humanity Restores, to find gently used fixtures on a budget. Buying used instead of new is environmentally friendly as well.

Clean and Freshen Caulk and Grout

Little touches make a difference. When grout or caulk is dirty, it detracts from the beauty of the room. Freshen up the bath by cleaning the grout and adding new crisp, clean caulk lines.

You’ll brighten up the bath for just a few bucks. Also, changing out a noisy exhaust fan to a more powerful, quieter one is worth the cost.

Reline The Tub Or Shower

Bathroom transformations can be as simple as relining your tub.

Buying a new tub or shower can be costly. Have your existing tub or shower professionally relined is a more inexpensive bathroom transformation.

Update With the Environment In Mind

It’s a good idea to ‘think green’ when completing bathroom transformations. Low-flow toilets and water-saving showerheads cost the same as regular ones, and they conserve water which saves you money.

When comparison shopping, don’t overlook online home improvement retailers. Research model numbers while at the home center and then check prices online. is a price comparison shopping site that’s great for low-priced, hand-selected deals.

Additional Tips:

  • Change out a tired towel rack for a pair of modern robe hooks to your hang towels on. It’s a quick and inexpensive update.
  • Maintain your shower surfaces with Wet & Forget Shower. Clean up soap scum, shower grime, and body oil with our weekly shower spray. Click here for more information on Wet & Forget Shower.

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