15 Unique Surfaces Wet & Forget Has Been Applied To

15 Unique Surfaces Wet & Forget Has Been Applied To

Just one of the surfaces Wet & Forget has been applied to Sea Ray Cruiser. Since it’s non-caustic and contains no bleach, Wet & Forget is gentle enough to use on any outdoor surface.

Thanks to the feedback we receive from customers, we’re constantly hearing about surfaces Wet & Forget has cleaned. Check out the unique surfaces people are using Wet & Forget on.

Use Wet & Forget On These Unique Surfaces!
  1. A slate roof – from the year 1926!
  2. 31 foot Sea Ray Cruiser (we’re a bit jealous of this one)*
  3. Astroturf deck
  4. Barn
  5. Boat bilge*
  6. All kinds of cedar (shingles, deck, fence, siding)
  7. Coleman pop-up camper
  8. Flagstone
  9. Gazebo roof
  10. All kinds of pool areas (screen enclosure, above ground liner, empty pool itself)
  11. Redwood siding
  12. RV roof
  13. Teak outdoor furniture
  14. Trex deck
  15. A summer house – in Sweden

We absolutely love getting feedback from our customers, whether they have an application question that needs an answer or they just want to tell us about the success they had with Wet & Forget.

Where have you applied Wet & Forget this year? Let us know. We would love to hear your story.