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15 Unique Surfaces Wet & Forget Has Been Applied To

Just one of the surfaces Wet & Forget has been applied to Sea Ray Cruiser. Since it’s non-caustic and contains no bleach, Wet & Forget is gentle enough to use on any outdoor surface. Thanks to the feedback we receive from customers, we’re constantly hearing about surfaces Wet & Forget has cleaned. Check out the unique surfaces people are using Wet & Forget on. Use Wet & Forget On These Unique Surfaces! A slate roof […]

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Getting Your Outdoor Living Spaces Ready For Summer

Here at Wet & Forget HQ in Chicago’s suburbs, the warm weather has finally been a constant over the past week, meaning spring is in full bloom and everyone is starting to think about getting their outdoor living spaces ready for summer. Chances are, you have a moldy surface that’s going to see some foot traffic during get togethers this season. We’ve got your back! Here are a few tips on some of the most […]

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