Getting Your Outdoor Living Spaces Ready For Summer

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Here at Wet & Forget HQ in Chicago’s suburbs, the warm weather has finally been a constant over the past week, meaning spring is in full bloom and everyone is starting to think about getting their outdoor living spaces ready for summer. Chances are, you have a moldy surface that’s going to see some foot traffic during get togethers this season.

We’ve got your back! Here are a few tips on some of the most common moldy surfaces we’re hearing about lately.

Clean These Surfaces With Wet & Forget!
    • The Patio – whether you’re hosting a graduation party or an old fashioned summer BBQ, patios are areas used for entertaining. If your patio has moss, mold, or mildew on it, apply Wet & Forget now to give it time to do its job before your big summer event.If you’re laying low this year, that shouldn’t stop you from taking care of the moldy patio. Cleaning your living space brings boosts in self-esteem and comfort. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy hanging in your backyard on a weekend morning.
    • The Outdoor Carpeting – Wet & Forget easily tackles mold infestations on concrete, wood, composite materials, and pavers, but it doesn’t stop there. Even moldy outdoor carpets and area rugs can benefit from an application of Wet & Forget. Area rugs are a nice addition to any exterior living space. But, they are prone to have mold and mildew not only on the surface, but also on the backside due to trapped moisture between the surface and the rug. Area rugs aren’t cheap, and Wet & Forget can help you expand the life and the value of them.
    • The Lawn Furniture – Wet & Forget is perfect for hammocks, which are often placed in shady areas for optimal summer naps. Abundant shade can also mean abundant mold, but Wet & Forget handles lawn furniture growths easily. Once the Wet & Forget is completely dry, just hose the hammock or lawn furniture down before using them again. Wet & Forget is also great for canvas umbrellas, which are prone to mildew since they’re often closed up, letting moisture collect on the material.

Do you have decorative outdoor surfaces that have spots of mold or mildew on them? Wet & Forget works great on flower pots, garden statues, water features, and outdoor fireplaces!

And if you have a budding golf star, Wet & Forget can even be used on artificial putting green turf.

Ready to tackle that mold? Visit Wet & Forget’s store locator to find a retailer near you, pick up the ultimate outdoor mold remover, and and let Wet & Forget get to work cleaning your favorite outdoor living spaces!

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Photo Courtesy of Magnus Manske.

These quick tips will help you get your patio or deck ready for the warm summer months!
Get your outdoor living spaces clean and ready for summer with this quick and easy guide!

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