Enjoy the Summer Breeze With These Clever Screened In Porch Ideas

Enjoy the Summer Breeze With These Clever Screened In Porch Ideas

For warm-weather relaxing and entertaining you can’t beat a screened-in porch. Plus, screened-in porches add three-season outdoor living space and square footage to your home. Sit outside and enjoy cool breezes with these screened in porch ideas.

How to Decide Between an Open Porch or a Screened Porch

If you’re building a new porch or upgrading an existing one, you may be wondering if a screened-in porch is right for you. Both open-air porches and screened-in porches have their advantages.

Open Air Porch Positives

If you enjoy views of your garden and yard from your porch, open design will ensure that you’ll be able to see clearly without anything obstructing the view.

An open porch also provides a designated space for outdoor grilling.

Open porches require less maintenance – no torn screens or worn parts to replace, which saves money too.

Furthermore, it’s less expensive to build an open porch compared to a screened-in porch.

Screened In Porch Positives

If you live in the country or suburbs, a screened-in porch is essential to keep critters, large and small, from nosing their way inside. The screening will prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from getting in, so you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor time comfortably.

Unlike an open porch, a screened-in porch provides protection from the rain and hot sun – you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors.

A screened-in porch offers more protection so you can add most creature comforts – lighting, television, ceiling fan, upholstered furnishings, etc.

If you live on a busy street, a screened porch can feel more enclosed, safe, and private.

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Will a screened-in porch add value to my home?

There are many different decorating options for your screened in porch.

The short answer is, yes! Outdoor structural improvements are one of the best ways to improve the resale value of your home. Homeowners should see an approximate 75% return on investment when adding a screened-in porch.

Here are a few tips on getting the best ROI for screened in porch ideas and projects –

Be Budget Minded

If you build a moderately priced, screened-in porch of pressure-treated wood you’ll see close to a 75% return. A high-end porch crafted of expensive materials and fancy features may look great, but the ROI will be 50% or lower.

Consider the Climate

If you reside in an area where screened-in porches are popular and enjoyed several months of the year, adding one is a good investment. But if you live in a northern climate that experiences short summers or cold nights, you may want to reconsider the investment.

Size Matters

Although fancy finishes and add-ons look great, one of the most important factors when considering porch ROI is the overall square footage. Plenty of floor space is preferable to fancy flourishes.

Bug-free, a Necessity

What are home shoppers looking for in a screened-in porch? One of the chief concerns is if the screens enclose the porch properly, to keep bugs at bay. Install small-grid screening and seal floorboards to keep insects away.

Electricity is optional

Keep in mind – adding electrical outlets and wiring the porch for lighting will add to the price, but won’t up your home’s resale value.

To find out what home shoppers are looking for in a screened-in porch, give a real estate professional or home builder a call.

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Convert an Existing Covered Porch to a Screened In Porch

screened in porch ideas

If you have an open porch with a roof and wood floor, you already have the structural ‘bones’ needed to build a screened-in porch. Before you start, check with your local government about existing building codes.

Being familiar with local building codes can assist you in making decisions concerning the best materials and construction for your outdoor project.

What You’ll Need

  • Wood two-by-fours
  • Metal or fiberglass screening (sold in standard 48-inch and 36-inch widths)
  • 3-inch wood screws and electric screwdriver
  • Metal tape measure
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Utility knife
  • Level
Step 1 – Cut the Frame Sections

Measure the open porch areas you wish to cover. A rectangular frame should be made the same width as your screen material, and as high as your porch post. Cut frame pieces from wood two-by-fours.

To add stability, cut an extra section to fit inside the frame, horizontally. Assemble the frame sections with 3-inch wood screws.

Step 2 – Attach Screening

Cut sections of screening with a utility knife. Lay the screen over the frame. Pull the screen taut, working from the center out and staple.

Continue stapling around the frame holding the screen tight to eliminate any waves or loose areas. Lastly, trim the extra screen with a utility knife. For a neater look, cover the staples with strips of wood trim.

Step 3 – Hanging the Frames

Hold the first frame up against a corner post, placing it so the bottom sits against the porch floor and the edge is next to the vertical post. Set a level at the side of the frame to check that the frame is plumb.

Screw the frame bottom to the porch and the frame side to the post. Continue attaching frames to the porch until all are in place. For extra stability, screw the frames together at the sides.

Step 4 – Flooring

If your porch floor is made up of wood sections with gaps, you may want to cover the floor. A weather-resistant carpet or floor covering is attractive and soft, underfoot.

Attach the carpet to the floor with double-sided carpet tape – no carpet pad required. If you have a large floor, attach carpet sections with carpet tape. Another option is a deck tile floor.

Deck tile floors are great for DIYers as they can be installed over most hard surfaces – concrete, wood, brick, etc. Flexible tiles easily snap together over your existing floor – they can be easily moved, modified or extended.

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A screened-in porch is a good bet for homeowners.  It’s an outdoor remodeling project that adds usable, enjoyable floor space to your home. It’s a win-win should you decide to sell later on.

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Follow our step-by-step tutorial to make your back porch a screened-in porch!