New! Miss Muffet’s Revenge Keeps Spiders Outside, Where They Belong

New! Miss Muffet’s Revenge Keeps Spiders Outside, Where They Belong

Spiders are a beneficial part of the ecosystem, where they help control the insect population. But when a creepy-crawler sidles up to you while you’re relaxing in your living room, you just might have the same reaction that Miss Muffet had in the old nursery rhyme.

Even if you don’t have a fear of spiders, no one likes to clean up sticky, messy cobwebs. It’s time to put spider problems behind you!

New Miss Muffet’s Revenge kills spiders inside your home, and creates a barrier to keep their spider friends out. Show those 8-legged uninvited guests the door!

The Problem with Spiders in Your Home

Most people aren’t exactly crazy about little creepy-crawlers, but fear of spiders can be a more serious matter for folks who suffer from arachnophobia. Some people who suffer from arachnophobia may experience intense anxiety or even panic attacks at the sight of spiders in their home.

Spiders in your home are not only creepy–they can also create a pretty big mess. According to entomologists at The University of Idaho Extension, species such as the cellar spider can seem to take over a structure.

For example, “substantial populations of cellar spiders also develop inside sheds and garages.” These spiders also continue to add to their webs throughout their lives, which “can result in extensive webbing.”

These sticky masses of cobwebs can quickly take over your basement, resulting in an unsightly, disgusting and hard-to-clean spider web mess.

Besides being creepy and making messes, some house spiders, such as hobo spiders, will bite humans. While most spider bites are not harmful, no one wants an itchy, painful spider bite.

And, if you’re allergic to spider venom, the results can be more serious. The best way to avoid contact with spiders is to keep them outside, where they belong.

Getting Rid of Spiders Inside your Home

If you have a problem with spiders in your home, Miss Muffet’s Revenge is the answer. Simply spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge in a 4-inch band around areas in your home where spiders have been a recurring problem.

Spray surfaces until they are slightly wet, but not soaking.* Miss Muffet’s Revenge kills spiders that come in contact with the treated surface, and forms a long-lasting barrier to keep spiders away.

How to Keep Spiders Out of the House

The best way to deal with spiders in your home is to keep them from coming inside in the first place. Miss Muffet’s Revenge creates a long-lasting barrier around your home to keep spiders outside, where they belong.

To keep spiders out, simply spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge in a 12-inch-wide strip around your home’s outside perimeter. Spray until the surface is slightly wet, without soaking.

Long-Lasting Protection

As long as you avoid disturbing it, Miss Muffet’s Revenge will form an invisible barrier that will keep eliminating spiders for up to 12 months. That means no more unwanted creepy crawlers in the bathtub or hiding in your shoes, popping out when you least expect it.

It also means no more sticky cobwebs on the baseboard or ceiling, or all over the basement. With Miss Muffet’s Revenge, it will be a loved one who sits down beside you, not a spider.

*Before using Miss Muffet’s Revenge on a new surface, test by spraying a small amount in a non-visible area. After spraying Miss Muffet’s Revenge, keep people and pets off of the surface until the product has dried.

Wash all food processing surfaces and utensils with soap and water before reuse.