Get Miss Muffet’s Revenge, and Keep Spiders Away with Just One Spray!

Get Miss Muffet’s Revenge, and Keep Spiders Away with Just One Spray!

Most spider repellents only last a very short time, which means that you spray them over and over again only to turn around and find yet another creepy spider staring back at you. Break out of the cycle! Miss Muffet’s Revenge kills and repels spiders inside your home, and keeps more spiders from coming in for up to 12 months. Now you can stop chasing spiders around and spend your time on fun things, like pumpkin-carving! Read on to learn more.

Just One Spray Kills and Repels Spiders Indoors

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Spiders have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, and the sudden appearance of an 8-legged uninvited guest is the kind of surprise that no one likes. Killing spiders with short-acting sprays or chasing them around with rolled-up newspapers is just a brief fix that will leave you facing another creepy encounter tomorrow, and the day after that. Miss Muffet’s Revenge will not only kill the spiders today–just one spray keeps spiders away for 12 months! Here’s how to apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge indoors:

  1. Apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge in a 4-inch band in areas where you have seen spiders. Spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge until the area is slightly wet, but not soaking.
  2. Allow the area to dry, and then clean up any cobwebs.
  3. Relax, and let Miss Muffet’s Revenge keep the spiders away for you!
  4. Re-apply every 12 months.
Just one Spray Keeps More Spiders from Coming in for up to 12 Months

Your nice warm home is especially attractive to uninvited arachnids this time of year, as temperatures drop and they go in search of warmer digs. No matter how carefully you seal your home, sneaky spiders will always find a way in. Not anymore! Miss Muffet’s Revenge forms an invisible barrier that house-hunting spiders are loath to cross; it’s like an unwelcome mat for spiders. Best of all, Miss Muffet’s Revenge keeps more spiders from entering your home for up to 12 months with just one spray. Here’s how to keep spiders out with Miss Muffet’s Revenge:

  1. Apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge in a 12-inch band around your home’s perimeter. Apply Miss Muffet’s Revenge on a clear day that’s free of rain and excessive wind. Spray until the area is slightly wet, but not soaking.
  2. Allow the area to dry. Wait a week, and then return and clean up any cobwebs.
  3. Relax, and let Miss Muffet’s Revenge keep the spiders out!
  4. Re-apply every 12 months in areas that are protected from the elements. Re-apply more often in areas that are exposed to rain.
Bonus: No Smelly Fumes!

Most spider killers and spider repellents create a cloud of noxious fumes that leave you sputtering every time you spray them. There’s no need for you to suffer while you’re getting rid of spiders! Miss Muffet’s Revenge is odorless, so now you can keep spiders away without making your house smell like a chemical plant. Miss Muffet’s Revenge will drive the spiders out of your home, not the people.

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  1. Sandra Kanaga

    Is Miss Muffet’s Revenge safe for vinyl siding? I live at a lake and plagued with spiders. Anything that would work to keep them away I will buy.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Sandra,

      Miss Muffet’s Revenge is safe to use on vinyl siding and spiders HATE it! As you apply you’ll see them run for the hills. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Bonnie

    I HATE HATE HATE spiders! We have a terrible infestation recurring periodically from under our rain gutters and siding. We’ve had treatments by exterminator and used every spray we could find. Never came across Miss Muffet though. Exterminator says that the only thing more he can suggest for on-going treatments between his visits is peppermint oil. ALL residential safe sprays drive them away to apparently hide but they later, overnight, they attack-like an angry army, out for revenge! Is Miss Muffet’ s Revenge really the answer?

    1. Wet and Forget

      Hi Bonnie,
      Miss Muffet’s Revenge will both kill and repel spiders. It comes with a highly efficient sprayer that can reach up to 12 feet from the ground. Miss Muffet’s Revenge will keep killing spiders for up to 12 months. We recommend applying a 12-inch band along the exterior perimeter of your home.