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Get Miss Muffet’s Revenge, and Keep Spiders Away with Just One Spray!

Most spider repellents only last a very short time, which means that you spray them over and over again only to turn around and find yet another creepy spider staring back at you. Break out of the cycle! Miss Muffet’s Revenge kills and repels spiders inside your home, and keeps more spiders from coming in for up to 12 months. Now you can stop chasing spiders around and spend your time on fun things, like […]

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Keep Creepy-Crawlers OUT with Miss Muffet’s Revenge!

Let’s face it–spiders are creepy. Even though they play an important part of the ecosystem outdoors, there’s just something about their alien-looking faces and skittering legs that makes people do all sorts of crazy things to get away from them; a few true arachnophobia sufferers have even set their own houses on fire in their desperate attempts to get rid of spiders. Stop the madness! If these creepy-crawlers have snuck into your home, stop them […]

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