Check Out Our Top 5 Pumpkin Carving Tips

Check Out Our Top 5 Pumpkin Carving Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, and the holiday just wouldn’t be spooky without a jack o’lantern. Maybe you’ve procrastinated in your pumpkin carving this year, your jack o’lantern has fallen prey to vandalism or pumpkin rot, or maybe you just want to add to your pumpkin “flock”.

Whatever the case may be, our pumpkin-carving guide has all the info you need to craft the perfect masterpiece! Read more to get our top five pumpkin-carving tips and to find out how you can win free Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Perfect your Pumpkin Carving

Halloween pumpkin carving is the perfect way to express your personality. This is because there are endless possibilities when it comes to pumpkin designs.

From the classic jack o’lantern with triangular features, to swirling etched designs, to painted pumpkins that leave the carving knife in the kitchen drawer, each jack o’lantern is a unique creation.

Each of these unique creations requires the right equipment to bring your vision to life successfully the first time. Hopefully, you don’t end up back at the pumpkin patch in frustration.

Need help? Click here to get our top five jack o’lantern crafting tips. Plus, see our video for making your own homemade pumpkin-spice candles, made with real mini-pumpkins!

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Happy Halloween!