Top 3 Surfaces Wet & Forget is Applied To

Top 3 Surfaces Wet & Forget is Applied To

We absolutely love getting feedback from our customers, whether they have an application question that needs an answer or they just want to tell us about a Wet & Forget success story.  As you know, Wet & Forget can be used on any outdoor surface.

Check out the top 3 outdoor surfaces where people are applying Wet & Forget this year:

Top 3 Wet & Forget Outdoor Surfaces in 2011

Composite Decks: This includes ALL brands of composite decking. Some popular examples are Trex, Timbertech and Choice. Check out these kind words we received from David Lewis, who tried Wet & Forget on his Trex deck.

“We used Wet and Forget on Trex composite decking, which had very heavy mildew stains. Nothing would touch it. Applied Wet & Forget twice a year, the staining is all but totally gone. It’s a miracle. Warning: it doesn’t work over night, it takes about one season to remove the mildew. Then again, there is no work involved! Just mix it up, spray it on, let it dry and you are done! Use it twice a year every year and you will have a good looking composite deck.”

Cedar Surfaces: Cedar is a versatile wood found in fencing, decks, siding, and shingles.

Boat Surfaces*: We hear the most about boat vinyl, but from the bilge to the furniture, nearly any surface on your boat is fair game for Wet & Forget.

What have you applied Wet & Forget on this year? Let us know! We would love to hear your story.