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Top 3 Surfaces Wet & Forget is Applied To

We absolutely love getting feedback from our customers, whether they have an application question that needs an answer or they just want to tell us about a Wet & Forget success story.  As you know, Wet & Forget can be used on any outdoor surface.  Check out the top 3 outdoor surfaces where people are applying Wet & Forget this year: Top 3 Wet & Forget Outdoor Surfaces in 2011 Composite Decks: This includes ALL […]

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Eliminate Ugly Moss the Easy Way with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

It’s the time of year when the leaves start to change, and your lawn starts to turn brown. All of these changes might make you notice that ugly moss on your roof, patio or driveway even more, because it will keep its stubborn grip and keep right on growing. You don’t have to interrupt your busy fall schedule to wipe out invasive, destructive moss. With Wet & Forget Outdoor, you just spray and forget about […]

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