Summer’s Arrived! Stop Scrubbing your Shower, and Have Fun!

Summer’s Arrived! Stop Scrubbing your Shower, and Have Fun!

Summer is officially here, and we’re all enjoying the long days, corn on the cob, and homegrown tomatoes. Spending time outdoors is one of the best things about summer, whether you’re lounging on your deck or enjoying your moon garden, so the last thing you want to do is wind up stuck indoors scrubbing your shower.

That’s what we’re here for! Wet & Forget Shower sets you free from scrubbing, so you can get outside and make the most of your summer.

Read on to find out how!

Blast Away Shower Grime the Easy Way

Soap scum and other shower grime starts building up every time you use your shower. Before you know it, your shower can start looking pretty grungy.

Scrubbing your shower is back-breaking work that can leave you sore and sweaty, and leave your hands red and chapped. The harsh chemicals in most shower cleaners can not only chap your hands–they can also sting your eyes and nose as you use them, and leave behind an acrid chemical smell.

Wet & Forget Shower dissolves away tough shower grime with no scrubbing necessary. Even tough soap scum is no match for Wet & Forget shower! Simply spray Wet & Forget Shower after the last shower of the day, let Wet & Forget Shower work overnight, and rinse before next use (click here for detailed instructions).

That’s it! Wet & Forget Shower’s gentle formula is safe to use on all of your shower’s surfaces,* and the subtle vanilla essence scent will pamper your nose, not punish it.

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One Simple Weekly Application

Not only is cleaning your shower with Wet & Forget Shower a piece of cake–cleaning grout has never been easier!–even better, you only have to apply Wet & Forget Shower once a week.

Most no-scrub shower cleaners require you to spray your shower every single day in order to get results. Who has time for that? With Wet & Forget Shower, you just spray once a week, then forget about your shower the rest of the week and focus on the million other things that you’d rather be doing!

Better still, our award-winning high-efficiency sprayer makes your job so simple, you’ll be done before you know it. And spraying once a week means that you use way less product, which saves you money, too. You can’t beat that!

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*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.