Style your Home with these 5 Most Popular Mason Jar Crafts

Style your Home with these 5 Most Popular Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars give a rustic charm to your décor, and these inexpensive crafting building blocks are even more versatile than you would imagine. From bug-repellant candles to hanging herb gardens, and even decorative tissue holders, check out some of the most popular Mason jar crafts that have been creating a buzz on social media!

Creative Ways to Light Things up

mason jar lights

Mason jars are perfect for making candles and lamps, but you aren’t limited to just putting a tea light in the bottom and calling it a day. Here are some uniquely creative ideas for lighting up both indoors and outdoors with your own Mason jar creations.

  • This easy-to-make outdoor light adds extra illumination and an artistic touch to your screened-in porch (it’s not suited for areas that are exposed to the elements). Beautiful!
  • These whimsical fairy lights are easy to make and fun for both teens and adults. They don’t require any electricity, so you can even make several and line them up along your deck’s side rail to give an otherworldly atmosphere to your outdoor living area.
  • These poured mason jar candles allow you to choose your own scent and color to customize a candle that matches your décor and personal taste.
Coloring Methods for a Rainbow of Possibilities

mason jar crafts

Whether you’re using Mason jars as vases, to store things in, or as simple stand-alone decorative touches, coloring them lets you add creative flair and make sure they coordinate perfectly with your existing décor. You can use the following techniques to achieve very different effects with your Mason jars.

  • These ombré tinted Mason jars have a lovely, vivid color while still staying transparent, and the dip-dyed effect is eye-catching.
  • These colored Mason jars are painted with chalkboard paint for a pastel, matte look. Gently sand the color off of the raised wording on the jar for a stylish finishing touch (see photo above).
Space-Saving Mason Jar Planters

DIY mason jar ideas

Mason jars aren’t just for vases and candles—they also make great planters for your indoor herb garden or small flowers such as marigolds. Here are a few options that are both stylish and practical.

  • This DIY Mason jar herb garden is made with a board, pipe clamps, ribbon, and some Mason jars. You can arrange it vertically or horizontally, and it looks great mounted on the wall or propped in the window.
  • This Mason jar herb garden is as simple as it gets: because you use a jar holder, there’s almost no assembly required.
  • This beautiful Mason jar herb garden has a sophisticated suspended vertical design that maximizes a small space with style.
Organize your Home with Style

DIY mason jar ideas

We’ve all seen grungy Mason jars filled with spare screws and nails and pushed to the back of a closet shelf. But Mason jars have so much more potential—done right, Mason jars can become the perfect blending of storage and style. These DIY storage ideas are prime examples.

And More!

There are so many fun Mason jar crafts out there! Here are a few more:

  • This Mason jar tissue holder is simple to make and a fun decorative touch for something that you have to keep around the house, and that usually isn’t much of a style highlight. You can also use one of the jars decorating ideas above to customize your Mason jar before you make it into a tissue holder.
  • This jack o’ lantern Mason jar luminary is a fun craft project for kids, and it also fits in well with general fall décor or as part of a Halloween table centerpiece.
  • This Mason jar yarn organizer is a handy way to keep your knitting or crocheting yarn neat and tidy.

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Here are 5 different ways to utilize your mason jars.

Mason jars are very versatile and are perfect for completing DIY projects! Check out these top 5 mason jar craft ideas and pick out your favorite to create this weekend!