Ron Raves About Wet & Forget Cleaning Both Moss and Algae

Ron Raves About Wet & Forget Cleaning Both Moss and Algae

Hardware store owner Ron has used many products in the past to try to remove unsightly moss and algae on his deck, pavers, and patio furniture. Ron wasn’t seeing any long-lasting results when cleaning with a power washer and bleach-based moss and mold killers.

The green moss and algae growths continued to reappear on his deck, pavers, and patio furniture. Furthermore, using bleach-based cleaners with a pressure washer was becoming a very time consuming and cumbersome task as well.

Once Ron took over the hardware store he heard more and more about Wet & Forget.

“Customers raved about the product and I had never used it. I didn’t want the hassle of using a pressure washer anymore and was curious about Wet & Forget” -Ron B. from Kildeer, IL

Ron needed to get rid of the moss and algae that coated his cedar wood deck and blue limestone pavers. The moisture from the rainy spring weather made his backyard surfaces the perfect area for organic growth to flourish.

After hearing so much about the product, Ron decided to give Wet & Forget a try. He mixed Wet & Forget using our 1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water mixing ratio and applied it to his outdoor surfaces using a garden pump sprayer.

Ron loved the ease of applying Wet & Forget without the hassle of coming back with a pressure washer to fully clean the surface.  He just let the rain and the wind do the work for him, no scrubbing necessary.

“The amazement came 48 hours after applying. After the rain, bingo! Everything was clean. Every place that the rain washed, it was like magic, it was gone!” -Ron B.

Wet & Forget thoroughly cleaned both moss and algae growths on Ron’s exterior surfaces. Using bleach quickly became a method of the past for Ron.

Organic growth (such as moss, mold, mildew, or algae) can reappear at a faster rate after applying bleach to outdoor surfaces. Since Wet & Forget properly cleans moss, mold, mildew, and algae the growth is unlikely to return to the surface for 12-18 months.

Ron doesn’t have to go back to repeating his old method of using bleach and a pressure washer. One quick application of Wet & Forget and Ron let the product clean for him.

For more information on how Wet & Forget compares to bleach, click here.

*Moss growth will initially brown up and curl away from the surface after applying Wet & Forget. Over time the rain and wind will wash away the dead growth off exterior surfaces. For heavier moss growth it can take several months for the growth to be fully removed from the surface.


Remove moss and algae from your patio furniture easily!

Ron especially loves the way Wet & Forget worked on his iron patio furniture. He didn’t have to worry about Wet & Forget damaging his iron patio furniture because Wet & Forget is a gentle cleaner that will not corrode or discolor surfaces.

Wet & Forget has a pH of 8, which is almost neutral, making it a safe cleaner to use on outdoor furniture. Furthermore, Wet & Forget does not contain any bleach or ammonia, so Ron could clean his patio furniture without harming the surface.

There is no need for scrubbing when using Wet & Forget because it is a gentle cleaner that works with the rain and the wind to fully remove moss, mold, mildew, and algae growth from surfaces.

“It’s all in the name! My patio furniture never looked this good! I couldn’t get in there with a scrub brush, but the product cleaned everything” -Ron B. 

Ron saved both time and effort by using Wet & Forget Outdoor. Now, he doesn’t have to go back and re-clean outdoor surfaces every few months. Just one application of Wet & Forget, then let the product do the work.

Ron doesn’t need to take his scrub brush to his patio furniture anymore. Wet & Forget cleaned every inch of his outdoor furniture without a problem. Ron can finally kick back and enjoy his outdoor living spaces now that his pavers, deck, and patio furniture are moss and algae free!

Did you know that Wet & Forget Outdoor will also remove lichen off your outdoor surfaces? Read about how Larry removed lichen from his roof here.



  1. Fred

    Your product has worked great for the large landscaping stones that had turned black over the Years , now they Look like new.
    I have not had the same luck removng moss fom mY paver patio. I have treated the areas sveral times over a 3 months period using The 1 to 5 mixture. And it just doesnt seem to go away and we have had a lot of rain.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Fred!

      Wet & Forget clean moss from virtually any surface. We want to make sure you get the desired results so please call our office at 888-727-8524 and we can help you with your application. Thank you!

  2. Lou

    How does wet & Forget Outdoor work on natural stone patios, flagstone? Thank you.

    1. Wet and Forget

      Hi Lou,
      Wet & Forget is safe to use on natural stone patios and on flagstone. It will remove moss, mold, mildew, or algae growths from the surfaces over time with the rain and wind.