10 Inexpensive Ways to Warm Your Home This Winter

10 Inexpensive Ways to Warm Your Home This Winter

Winter- It’s the time of year when utility bills rise due to indoor heating costs. Turning down the thermostat is one easy way to save but who wants to wear earmuffs inside?

Read on for ten inexpensive ways warm your home this winter.

Energy Tips:

The tips below will help you save extra money on your heating bill while keeping your home nice and toasty warm.

Change the way your ceiling fan rotates to generate more heat in your home.

Check Your Ceiling Fan’s Rotation

Check your ceiling fan’s housing for a small switch. The switch sets your fan blades to turn either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Ceiling fan blades should rotate clockwise in winter. The warm air near the ceiling will be pushed down and along the floor to help keep the room warm.

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Use Solar Energy to Warm Your Home

South or west-facing windows bring in the most of the sun’s warming rays. Open the blinds when the sun hits the window to let in warmth. Be sure to close them when the sun moves away to retain heat.

Don’t Waste Precious Energy Heating Unused Rooms

If you have a rarely used room, such as a storage or guest room, shut the heating vents and keep the door closed. It makes dollar and ‘cents’ to seal off unoccupied spaces.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat gives you precise control over indoor temperatures. Set the temperature cooler when you’re away and warmer when you’re at home. No guesswork!

To arrive at a warm, cozy home, program the thermostat to up the heat 30 minutes before you get there. Get more information on installing a programmable thermostat here.

Home and Houseware Tips:

Adding a rug to your home will help insulate the flooring

These tips and tricks will help keep the warm air in your home, and the cold air out!

Cover Non-Insulated Flooring

Non-insulated, bare floors make for cold toes, plus they’re a chief heat stealer. For living areas with wood, tile or Formica floors add a thick carpet or throw rug. Your feet with thank you!

Close Blinds and Drapes at Night

When the sun goes down draw curtains closed to prevent warmth from escaping. For additional heat retention, purchase thermal insulated drapes.

Insulated drapes are made with a thermal backing that helps prevent cold drafts. In warmer months, insulated curtains block sunlight to help keep the room cool.

Unblock Heating and Return Vents

Check your heating vents. Are they being obstructed by furniture, curtains or rugs? If so, move home furnishings away from heating vents to ensure maximum airflow and warmth.

Blocked return air vents can cause efficiency issues with central heating/cooling systems so make sure there’s nothing in front to inhibit air intake.

Warm Your Home with Your Appliances’ ‘Leftover’ Heat

Use leftover heat from an oven to keep your home toasty.

After preparing a meal, turn off the oven but leave the oven door open a crack. The remaining heat will dissipate into the room, warming the kitchen. Why waste good energy?

Dry your laundry during the early morning hours or late at night. A running clothes dryer adds warmth to the surrounding area.

*Note: If you have small children we do not recommend keeping your oven door open.

Install Weather Stripping

Cold air coming in and around doors and windows will affect your heating bill. Close the gaps around windows by covering the inside with thick, clear plastic. Remove the plastic in spring.

Also, add weather stripping to exterior doors to stop chilly air from getting in.

Check and replace your furnace filter regularly. Your heating system will work at top efficiency and help keep indoor air clean.

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Beating the cold without raising the temperature on your thermostat can seem like a difficult task. The tips above are simple everyday solutions to keep your house warm and toasty throughout the bitterly cold winter. Make sure the outside of your home can withstand the harsh winter elements.

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