Give Your Home A Fresh Summer Look & Feel

Give Your Home A Fresh Summer Look & Feel

June brings summer and summer brings a certain feeling of warmth and joy. In order to really get the most out of that feeling some re-decorating may be in order.

This can be a fun opportunity to change up the look of your home and easily bring out the summer glow. This doesn’t have to be back breaking or expensive, just simple things that give off a summer feel.

So put those fall and winter decorations in storage and find a new look that works for you!


One way to really get a new look is to paint the walls. You can paint one room or you can do multiple rooms but simply adding a fresh, new color scheme you can really change the feel of a room.

By using light, fresh colors such as sunshine yellow, aqua blue, and mint green you can easily brighten up a space that may not be as illuminate as you’d like for the warmer months.

Here are some color patterns that work perfect in the summer!

wall decor

Wall Décor

Now that your walls are freshly painted you have the opportunity to rethink your wall decor. New wall hangings and decorations are a great way to again change the entire feel of a room.

By finding summer inspired paintings or even changing out the picture frames from brighter colors can create your perfect summer look. Dig out shells from your last beach vacation and put them in a basket- they’ll make a nice focal point on any table.

You can even glue a few larger shells in the center of picture frames and hang them on the wall in a grouping of three- either vertically or horizontally.

diy sea shells


The best way to light up a room is with natural light. A great way to do that is to put in some white or light colored drapes or curtains.

This will allow light to break through and fill every room with sunlight. This is one of the most effective ways to really have a home feeling like the summertime; especially with the days lasting so much longer!

This may even help you save a few dollars on your electric bill!

diy driftwood

Summer Accessories

Now you have beautiful bright walls, paintings, and curtains your focus can move to individual decorations for tables and shelves. A beach theme is always a perfect match for summer decor.

Head to the beach and look for a few interesting items such as rock, shells or driftwood. Driftwood screams summer and the beach!

It is a great way to add some natural elements to your décor and it can be in any shape or style! See a few inspiring ideas from HGTV!

Here are a few more great uses for driftwood in your home! There are plenty of great accessories that are incredibly cheap and keep with the theme of summer.

You can store your regular decor for the summer and exchange them once its time to go back to your fall and winter style.

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Photos courtesy of, and HGTV.