Discover 3 Ways to Score Free Stuff and Get Great Savings Today!

Discover 3 Ways to Score Free Stuff and Get Great Savings Today!

We could all use some extra money in our pockets, especially this time of year. Between holiday get-togethers, gift lists and travelling, you could use all the savings you can get. That’s why we here at Wet & Forget are committed not only to saving you time, work and hassle, but also to saving you money. Read on to see 3 ways you can save some cash and score free stuff with Wet & Forget, including our 12 Days of W&F Giveaways.

1. Get Free Stuff with 12 Days of W&F Giveaways

What could be better for an easy cleanup than Wet & Forget? Free Wet & Forget! In the spirit of the season, Wet & Forget created the 12 Days of W&F Giveaways. Lucky winners have already gotten free bottles of Wet & Forget Outdoor and Wet & Forget Shower, and we will host a free giveaway every day from now through December 24th!

Scoring free stuff couldn’t be easier. To enter, simply check our Facebook page. When you see the 12 Days of W&F Giveaways post for the day, comment on the post and share it to your own Facebook page. That’s it! And if you don’t win, don’t worry–we’re having a free giveaway every day from now through December 24th.

2. Score a $5 Rebate on Wet & Forget Outdoor

Whether you’re planning a wintertime outdoor cleanup, or waiting for springtime, this is the best time of year to buy Wet & Forget Outdoor. That’s because you can save $5 on a 1-gallon bottle of Wet & Forget Outdoor from now until the end of 2013!

To save $5, simply buy a 1-gallon container of Wet & Forget Outdoor by December 31. Then click here to print out your rebate form, and mail the form in along with the bottle’s proof of purchase or your receipt. Then pocket five extra bucks!

3. Clean Your Shower for 1/3 the Cost with Wet & Forget Shower

Wet & Forget Shower keeps getting rave reviews for its super-easy, once-a-week application, its fresh vanilla essence scent, and the way it makes every inch of your shower sparkle. But did you know that choosing Wet & Forget Shower over one of those bleachy-smelling, inconvenient daily shower sprays can also save you some cash?

That’s because, while the average bottle of daily shower spray only lasts around a week, Wet & Forget Shower packs 12 weeks’ worth of clean into each bottle. Using less means paying less, and keeping more of your money in your pocket! It also means fewer trips to buy shower cleaner, and more time enjoying life, instead of spraying your shower every single day.