Everyone’s Raving About Wet & Forget Shower! Catch the Buzz…

Everyone’s Raving About Wet & Forget Shower! Catch the Buzz…

As more and more people try Wet & Forget Shower and break free from scrubbing, the internet has been abuzz with people raving about our shower-cleaning dynamo.

That’s because Wet & Forget Shower conquers grime, oils, soap scum, and mold and mildew stains with no elbow grease required –just spray Wet & Forget Shower once a week for a sparkling-clean shower that stays clean!

Even better, Wet & Forget Shower gets the job done without harsh chemicals or their nose-burning odors. Instead, Wet & Forget Shower leaves behind a soothing, subtle vanilla essence scent that smells more like an aromatherapy candle than a cleaning product.

No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals, soothing scent, spray only once a week … did we mention that Wet & Forget Shower also costs less than many daily no-scrub shower sprays? Who can beat that? Read on to see what all the buzz is about!

Blog Buzz

The blogosphere has been buzzing about how easy Wet & Forget Shower is to use, and its excellent results. Here are a few bloggers that Wet & Forget Shower has made believers of:

Jeff Patterson on Home Repair Tutor, an informative blog for the DIYer, has this to say after his 11-week trial of Wet & Forget Shower:

“I’d have to give Wet and Forget Shower an A+ for cleaning both tile and grout. For not doing anything more than spraying once a week and rinsing with water the results were pretty darn outstanding.”

And this:

“The second reason Wet and Forget Shower is a good choice is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, or acid. It uses surfactants that make it hard for soap scum, mildew, and mold to cling to surfaces. Plus, it has a mild vanilla scent that even my wife (who has terrible allergies and asthma) doesn’t notice.”

As well as this:

“Wet and Forget Shower will save you a ton of time cleaning. Time that you don’t necessarily have because of a busy schedule with kids, work, etc.”

Thanks a bunch, Jeff! We’re glad you had such excellent results.

Wet & Forget Shower will help Jeff spend less time cleaning his shower, and more time producing helpful blog posts and videos about his weekend home repair/renovation projects.

Be sure to check out Jeff’s page to see his photos of the dramatic difference Wet & Forget Shower made on his tile and grout, and to pick up lots of handy DIY pointers.

Nicole Elliott of the blog “Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife” said this about her “before” and “after” shots from her 2-week trial of Wet & Forget Shower:

“Ta Da! I know–you might be saying “that looks just like the first picture” well…it does! But that’s really the good thing, it means that for 2 weeks all I’ve had to do is spritz the shower down-taking all of 2 minutes, and leave it. I *love* that! So much easier than the weekly scrub down I was having to do that required me to change my clothes so the bleach wouldn’t ruin them and then scrub away awkwardly trying to not rub up against the spots I just did (with my short little arms that was quite the feat!”

We’re glad you love your results, Nicole! Now you can get back to keeping us informed about topics from fashion to organizing.

Stephanie of the blog Mammamioselle enjoys keeping her home clean, except when it comes to scrubbing the shower. While she’s lucky enough to be able to have a cleaning service come by every two weeks, her shower would start to accumulate build-up between cleanings.

Not anymore! One treatment once a week with Wet & Forget Shower keeps Stephanie’s shower sparkling-clean. She also loved our subtle vanilla scent:

“Wet & Forget Shower Spray doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals – the company is committed to a ‘gentle solution.’ With other shower sprays I have used, the smell was often overpowering. The Wet & Forget has a mild scent and doesn’t overwhelm you when spraying it a small space like your shower. “

We’re glad you liked it, Stephanie!

Visit Stephanie’s blog to read about her journey through motherhood and what she’s learned along the way–including the best choice for a clean shower.

Andrea Hatfield of the blog “Moody Mama Says” had tried daily scrub-free shower sprays before. But, like many of us, she never could remember to spray every day. Wet & Forget shower got rid of that hassle for Andrea:

“I have thought about using those daily shower cleaners that you spray on and leave alone. But then I always forget to spray it on – oops! I recently received a new shower cleaner to try called Wet & Forget Shower Spray. This spray is different than your typical once-a-day shower cleaners because you only use it weekly. I can remember that!”

And she had this to say about her experience using Wet & Forget Shower:

“It also has a very mild and pleasant scent that is hardly noticeable, unlike the other cleaners that are so strong they burn your nose hairs. Wet & Forget Shower Spray is tough on all those nasties that grow in the shower and tub. I’ve just been using it for a couple of weeks and my shower is staying sparkly clean, with very little scrubbing. I did scrub the floor of our shower after the first application because it had some brown mildew growing on it – how embarrassing! But since then I haven’t had to scrub at all and the shower is staying clean.”

We’re glad to hear it, Andrea! Now you can get back to sharing more of those delicious recipes.

Mrs J of the iHeart-Motherhood blog was hooked after giving Wet & Forget Shower a try:
“Wet & Forget Shower Was Super Easy To Use, No More Scrubbing For Me, You Know You Want A Bottle! ;)”

When you feel so strongly about something, it deserves plenty of capital letters! We’re thrilled to hear that Wet & Forget Shower has helped you break free from scrubbing, Mrs. J.

Facebook Buzz

We’ve also been getting lots of enthusiastic feedback on our Facebook page. Some people have left us comments telling us how much they love Wet & Forget Shower, while others have said they can’t wait to try it.

Here are a couple of our favorite Facebook comments:

“Wow, this stuff is AMAZ-BALLS!!!” -Mike Farmer
“We’ve been using Wet and Forget on our patio, decks, sidewalks, siding etc. on our Pacific Northwest home for several years now and it is EXCELLENT!! I had no idea there is a product for the shower and now I can hardly wait to find some!” -Liz Gross

Thanks, Mike! We think you’re amaz-balls, too. Liz, we’re so glad Wet & Forget Outdoor has worked wonders for your family. We’d love to hear from you after you try Wet & Forget Shower!

Media Buzz

The media are talking about Wet & Forget Shower’s cleaning power, as well. Click here to see the video of Lou Manfredini of HouseSmarts TV’s “Ask Lou” program telling the Today Show’s Hoda and Kathie Lee about Wet & Forget Shower, and click here to hear Wet & Forget USA President Brett Perry telling Tom MacCubbin of the Better Lawns & Gardens radio show all about Wet & Forget Shower.


  1. larry

    I use this product for cleaning of Tombstones. I have to say I had my doubts, but used as directed it works surprising well and fast, we have some photos on website and will be posting more, we did some siding on a home, and within days it went to work.

    1. Teresa Fugatt

      Thanks for commenting Larry! Great to hear you’ve had awesome results on headstones and siding.