Benefits of Adding Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps to Your Home

Benefits of Adding Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps to Your Home

Pink Himalayan salt lamps have recently been promoted heavily for the copious amount of health benefits they possess. Many people question why this lamp would be so beneficial to have in their homes.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are newly recognized as a way to have and keep fresh air in your home, as well as a variety of other benefits.

To start, after placing a pink Himalayan salt lamp in your home the air quality in that room will increasingly become better. Pink Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions that balance out the positive ions that are already in the air.

Positive ions can come from electronic devices (computers, tablets, televisions, cell phones, etc.), which can easily be neutralized by the negative ions from these lamps.

They can also help neutralize the positive ions that allergens, mold, and bacteria produce in your home. The neutralization of these ions can leave the air feeling fresh and clean.

Furthermore, pink Himalayan salt lamps can reduce the amount of static in the air, so you can avoid those surprising static shocks.

Coughing can also be reduced thanks to pink Himalayan salt lamps. The lamps will absorb water and particles from the air and then will release cleansed water vapor back in the air with negative ions that will help keep your lungs clear.

Overall, the pink Himalayan salt lamps will help your body filter air in a more efficient way, thus reducing coughing and making breathing easier.

Too much exposure to positive ions can also cause trouble with sleeping. Positive ions can lead to a reduction in the blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

This can ultimately cause poor sleeping patterns, which is terrible for your health. Keeping a pink Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom can help reduce the positive ions that affect your sleep patterns which will then lead to a great night’s rest.


Have you ever felt completely refreshed and as if you have more energy after a long walk on the beach or a hike through a forest? Negative ions are frequently created in nature which helps increase your energy level.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps can create these negative ions that one would see in nature right inside your home. By having these lamps in your home they can help boost your energy levels within a week.

They can also help with enhancing your mood and relaxation. The increased blood and oxygen supply the negative ions create help produce serotonin, which is what makes us feel happy. Conclusively, you will have an increased energy level and feel happier just by having this lamp in your home.


Lastly, pink Himalayan salt lamps are very environmentally friendly! The lamps usually use a low wattage bulb which doesn’t consume a lot of energy. There are also pink Himalayan salt lamps that use candles rather than electricity.

All in all, these lamps are incredibly beneficial for people to have in their homes. The natural negative ions that are released can help with many different types of health issues and even put you in a better mood.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to any home décor, they not only brighten up your home but also your spirits.

There are a couple of options to consider when purchasing a pink Himalayan salt lamp. The first thing to consider is the size of the lamp that you would like.

Depending on the size of the room, the size of the lamp may vary. For a small bedroom (10×10 sq. feet) it is recommended to buy a 5-7 lbs lamp. For a large bedroom (12×12 sq. feet) it is recommended to buy a 9-11lbs lamp.

For other varying sizes of rooms click here for more information. As far as the pricing of these lamps goes, it depends on the size of the lamp that you purchase. The larger the lamp, the higher the price.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps regularly come in two different shapes, natural and crafted shape. When deciding which lamp shape is best for you, it is ultimately based on your preference for home décor.

For more information on the uses of pink Himalayan salt lamps click here.

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Benefits of Having Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home