5 Super Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

5 Super Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home, and everyone has their own accessories and bath products. All of these products take up space, though, and home designers often short-change this all-important room when it comes to floor space.

This can leave your bathroom cluttered and disorganized, and leave your frustrated family searching frantically for their bath essentials every morning. Check out these 5 clever space-saving ideas to maximize your bathroom’s potential and minimize your morning stress.

1: Vertical Cabinets

Under-the-sink cabinets are very common in American bathrooms. They are also an excellent place to store all types of bathroom products.

But when you’re thinking of cabinets for your bathroom, don’t lose out on the vertical space your bathroom has to offer. Vertical cabinets use the same strategy that builders in large cities use: in places such as Manhattan, where every square inch of land is at a premium, contractors concentrate on building upwards.

You won’t be building any skyscrapers in your bathroom, but vertical cabinets use the same space-saving principle to boost storage space for linens and other essentials while taking up very little floor area. Vertical cabinets come in designs that will fit any décor style, too.

Check out these gorgeous vertical cabinets.

2: Floating Shelves

Floating shelves take advantage of your bathroom’s vertical space as well. As a bonus, these shelves don’t need to take up any floor space at all.

Vertical shelves are pretty easy to install, and they come in many materials, from glass, to wood, to metal.

Check out these beautiful, modern white floating shelves we found on HGTV’s website.

3: Bathroom Ledge

A bathroom ledge creates a long, narrow space that is perfect for storing beauty products, candles and decorative containers. A ledge can be an extension of a bathroom counter or bathtub ledge, or can be a separate shelf.

Bathroom ledges can be made of wood, glass, countertop materials such as Corian, or ceramic tile.

This white bathroom ledge that we found on Lonny Magazine’s website is the perfect addition to a country-vintage style bathroom.

4: Built-In Cabinets

Built-in cabinets can give you lots of storage space, without costing you a single square inch of floor space. Built-in cabinets can be open-faced or glass-doored for a modern feel, or wooden for a more vintage or country look.

Our Wet & Forget team member Melissa just loves the spacious white-painted built-in cabinet that her bathroom boasts–it was one of the things that made her fall in love with her 1940s home when she was looking to buy.

Familyhandyman.com offers these step-by-step instructions on their website for DIYers who want to add this space-maximizing feature to their bathroom.

5: Enlarge Your Medicine Cabinet

Built-in medicine cabinets are handy but can be tiny- especially in older homes. This means that supplies that don’t fit in the medicine cabinet can spill out onto your sink and shelf spaces.

If you think you’re just stuck with a miniature medicine cabinet, think again. Familyhandyman.com has step-by-step instructions on how to enlarge your medicine cabinet. And, while you’re at it, why not add a little style?

You don’t have to stick with plain old mirror doors. Instead, consider options like a vintage mirror or, if you have enough mirrors in your bathroom, consider a stylish door like this one made of repurposed antique shutters that we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

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