Make48 Preview

Make48 Preview

This October Wet & Forget staff is teaming up to sponsor Make48, an invent-a-thon held in Kansas City, Missouri. This competition will take place on October 28th-30th. Members from the Wet & Forget staff will be working as mentors in this competition. We are very excited to see our staff help guide innovators in their creative process!


17 innovative teams consisting of a total of 60 people from across the United States and Canada will be participating in this event this fall. People of all ages are allowed on teams in this competition, which creates a great learning environment for younger team members.

Each team has 48 hours to create and market a new invention that goes along with the theme of this year’s competition.

Throughout the 48 hours of the competition, staff from Wet & Forget will actively be mentoring the teams in developing and marketing their inventions. The competition starts by having teams make a supply run to a local hardware store to gather everything they need for their invention.

After this, teams with gather and start working on their invention. Teams are supplied with “tool techs” who will help build prototypes of their invention by using a variety of different machinery.

After the teams have a prototype of their invention they have to market their product as well. Staff from Wet & Forget will be there helping teams market their product and helping them prep for pitching their product to a panel of judges.

From there the competition is over, and each team must present and pitch their prototype to the judges. The top three teams will be awarded prizes which include licensing consideration and a crowdfunding competition.


Wet & Forget is incredibly thrilled to be a part of this year’s competition. Our experience in creating new products and developing out of the box ideas makes us a perfect match for mentoring teams in this event.

We are strong believers in creating products that help simplify everyday tasks which we will also help teams accomplish through our mentoring in this competition.

This year’s fall Make48 invent-a-thon will be aired on PBS mid next year. We will be updating our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with interviews, behind the scenes footage, and more until Make48 premieres.

We will also be updating our blog throughout the year with more information on different teams and how the competition is ran. Lastly, be sure to follow our Facebook page for live video of the competition throughout October 28th-30th!

(Photos courtesy of Make48)