DIY House Numbers Decorating Ideas

DIY House Numbers Decorating Ideas

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed the plethora of pinned DIY house numbers projects available. From plaques to planters, there’s an astounding array of uses for the humble, hardware store address number.

We’ve highlighted two of our favorite DIY house numbers ideas below.

House Number Flower Pots

flower pot diy house numbers

Decorating with flower pots is an easy way to beautify your porch and make your house numbers more noticeable. This golden house number flower pots make a great weekend DIY project!


  • 3” white self-stick address numbers (a modern font looks nice)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided scotch tape
  • Drop cloth
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Matching smooth-surfaced flower pots and saucers- one for each house number
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Matte finish clear protective spray

Step 1

Cut out self-adhesive number stickers from the backing sheet- one for each number you’ll need.

Step 2

Apply a small piece of double-sided scotch tape to the back of each letter. (This is to hold the letter in place while spraying.)

Step 3

Place the numbers on a flat surface or work table covered with a drop cloth. Spray each number with two coats of gold paint. The first coat should be a light coat. Allow letters to dry thoroughly before applying the second coat. The second coat should also create a beautiful, opaque gold color.  Lastly, let the numbers to dry thoroughly.

Step 4

Remove the scotch tape from the back of the letters. Also carefully remove the self-stick numbers from the backing.

Step 5

To position the letters, use a ruler and pencil to mark a light horizontal line on each pot. Furthermore, measure up the same distance from the bottom, for each pot.

Step 6

Following your pencil guide, apply the gold lettering to the pots being careful to align the numbers straight and level. Gently smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers.

Step 7

Spray on two coats of clear, matte finish protective spray. Additionally, allow the spray to dry between coats.  Furthermore, this seals the numbers to the pots and adds a nice weatherproof finish.

These DIY house numbers will add a creative, modern style to your front porch. They also make great housewarming or wedding gifts.

Faux Grass Modern House Numbers 

This DIY grass house numbers project makes a great weekend project.

A Beautiful Mess’ mid-century modern faux grass address sign in green and white will add a natural vibe to your front entrance.


  • House numbers made of cast aluminum or wood, in a modern font
  • Plastic faux grass mat in green (available at craft stores)
  • 3/4″ width plywood (you can also use a pre-made wood shadow box)
  • Two- 1/2 inch wood screws
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Woodworking nails
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • White exterior spray paint
  • Multi-surface glue
  • Metal hangers

Step 1-

To make the box cut plywood into the dimensions below:

  • One- 10″ x 18.5″ piece
  • Two- 3″ x 10″ pieces
  • Two- 3″ x 20″ pieces

You may need to slightly adjust the box size to accommodate the height or the amount of numbers you’ll need. Also, if you’re using a pre-made shadow box, you may need to adjust the height of the numbers accordingly.

Step 2-

Apply glue to the bottom, inside edge of the side panels. Place the side panels up against the back panel and then nail into place. Next, fill the nail holes with wood filler. Sand wood filler when dry for a smooth, neat appearance.

Step 3-

Spray the assembled box with two coats of white exterior spray paint letting the surface dry between coats. (Also, if you’re using a pre-made display case remove the glass and spray as above.)

Step 4-

Measure the bottom, inside of the wood box. Using these dimensions, cut the grass mat to fit.

Step 5-

Spread multi-purpose glue on the bottom, inside of the box. Place the grass mat inside and press down, so the glue comes in contact with the grass met. Lastly, let the glue dry completely.

Step 6-

Arrange house numbers on top of the faux grass. Additionally, drill woodworking screws into the box bottom, corresponding to the holes on the number backs. Use screws that are slightly shorter than the grass height, so the numbers are nestled in the grass.

Step 7-

Add metal hangers to the box back. Finally, display your new DIY house numbers sign using vinyl siding clips or brick clips available at home improvement or hardware stores.


Using these unique DIY house numbers is an easy way to add curb appeal to your home. The flower house number pots are perfect decorations for the front porch or steps.

The grass house numbers sign makes a beautiful addition to a more modern looking home. Both ideas are easy DIY projects to finish up in less than a weekend.

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(Photos courtesy of Time With Thea & A Beautiful Mess)