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5 Key Steps to Get your Garden Ready for Winter’s Chill

Winter will be here before you know it, and the cold weather can sink into your garden’s “bones” just as much as it sinks into yours. If your garden isn’t ready for winter’s chill, you will see the consequences next spring in the form of unhealthy plants with puny blooms or no blooms at all, or even plants that don’t make it through the cold weather. Take these 5 key steps to prepare your garden […]

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6 Ways to Beat Jack Frost and Break Out of the Winter Doldrums

Most of us have been facing a pretty tough winter this year, with ice as far south as Louisiana and Texas, and the Northeast and Midwest buried beneath a never-ending blanket of snow. The sheer frustration of dealing with the slick roads and frigid weather can make you feel like just chucking it all and hibernating with a cup of hot chocolate until April. But there are lots of ways to make your job easier […]

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Winter Gardening: Now’s the Time to Get a Jump on Spring Planting

Whether or not your neighborhood is under a blanket of snow, your garden may seem pretty dormant this time of year. But make no mistake: your perennials are preparing themselves to spring forth as soon as the weather warms up. Melissa, a member of our team, was just telling us about the lovely garlic shoots she saw peaking out of the ground after a brief snow melt. The “dead” of winter is actually the perfect […]

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