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The Most Common House Spiders and How to Know if They’re in Your Home

Like it or not, your home is a temporary refuge to at least a few uninvited 8-legged guests. Some of these spiders are shy and non-aggressive, some build massive, messy cobwebs, and others may bite. Read on to get the lowdown on some of the most common house spiders in the U.S., and see which ones might be in your home. Comb-Footed Spiders Comb-footed spiders are a very large group of spiders that live both […]

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7 Fun Facts about Spiders

Spiders: they can be creepy, but they can also be fascinating. Sometimes these 8-legged wonders perform feats that can make them seem like they must be from another planet, such as the amazingly athletic jumping spider, which can jump up to 50 times its body length. And have you ever heard of a spider goat? Read on to see 7 weird and wonderful spider facts, and to see that jumping spider do its cool trick! […]

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Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter?

Spiders are cold-blooded creatures, so where do they wriggle off to when the snow flies? Read on to find out, and to see whether this year’s harsh weather means you’ll be seeing fewer arachnids in your neighborhood. The Short Answer: It All Depends on the Species The U.S. and Canada are host to at least 4,000 known species of spider, and each one has its own strategy for surviving the cold season. There are 3 […]

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