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Video: See Miss Muffet’s Revenge Keep Spiders Away with Just 1 Spray

Miss Muffet’s Revenge is your worry-free way to get rid of spiders both inside and outside of your home. Whether it’s creepy-crawlers in your basement, unwanted “guests” in your garage or 8-legged invaders sneaking around your eaves, Miss Muffet’s Revenge works hard to keep spiders away with just one spray. Read on to see just how simple it is to show spiders the door with Miss Muffet’s Revenge! Miss Muffet’s Revenge: The most Advanced Household […]

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Miss Muffet’s Revenge: The Simple way to Keep Spiders Away

Trying to keep creepy spiders out of your home can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, especially as temperatures drop and spiders start looking for warm places to nest. You don’t have to keep chasing skittering spiders around with smelly sprays or rolled-up newspapers only to do it all over again tomorrow, because now you’ve got Miss Muffet’s Revenge! Just spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge once, and say goodbye to those 8-legged uninvited guests for […]

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Show us your Adorable Pet and Score some Free Miss Muffet’s Revenge!

You know your pet’s the cutest ever, so why not show the world? Now one of those adorable animal photos that you have stored on your smartphone to show your friends just might get you some free loot. Read on for details on how to share an adorable pet photo with us for a chance to win a free bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge, the best way to keep spiders out of your home! Share […]

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