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Keep the Green where it Belongs this St. Paddy’s Day with Wet & Forget

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and everywhere you look you’re seeing green: green shirts, shamrock decorations, green menu items at local restaurants; you may have even imbibed a little green beer over the weekend. Here in Chicago, we love St. Patrick’s Day so much that we even dye the river green. But there are some places where seeing green will have you seeing red. When your roof, deck, patio, or the walls of your home turn […]

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All about Algae

Ever wonder what causes those ugly green stains on your deck? How about those black streaks on your roof? If you see green stains, black or brownish/reddish stains on outdoor surfaces around your home, chances are good that uninvited algae have taken up residence. Algae staining isn’t always just a cosmetic issue. Algae growth on a surface such as a deck or walkway will make the surface very slippery and cause a fall hazard for […]

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