Gift Wrap Organizer Options: How to Declutter Your Gift Bags, Paper Rolls and Bows

Gift Wrap Organizer Options: How to Declutter Your Gift Bags, Paper Rolls and Bows

Are your gift wrapping supplies in a jumbled heap? Are your paper rolls teetering on the edge? Make gift wrapping simple with these organization ideas and information on creating a DIY gift wrap organizer.

Basic Gift Wrap Organizing Ideas

Idea 1: Corral those long rolls of gift wrap shoved in the back of a closet by making a handy holder from PVC pipe. Visit your local home improvement center for a 3-inch PVC pipe and PVC glue.

Glue the pipes together leaving the ends open to store each roll of wrapping paper inside. Easily store your holder underneath a craft table or in a closet.

Idea 2: The humble kitchen paper towel holder makes for terrific gift ribbon storage. Set the paper towel holder on your work table and stack on spools of ribbon, tape, and twine. Just spin off the amount you need and get to wrapping!

Idea 3: DIY a super-functional, hanging gift wrap organizer with pegboard cut to size, primer, semi-gloss paint (for easy cleaning), and a decorative frame.

When done, attach to the wall and add pegboard hooks to hold ribbon or paper rolls.

Idea 4: Tame unruly tubes by tucking your wrapping paper rolls, soldier style, along the wall of a craft closet. Attach a section of wire closet shelving to the inside wall so the shelving will hold the wrapping paper straight up. No more wobbles, wrinkled or torn rolls!

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DIY Vertical Wrapping Paper Station

Those long, awkward rolls of wrapping paper are a chore to store. Falling over paper rolls will be no more with this inexpensive wrapping paper storage idea.

DIY your gift wrap organizer with the following supplies: Variera plastic bag dispensers (from IKEA), two 1.5″ screws, hand drill, measuring tape, level, and a pencil. Follow the easy step by step tutorial here.

Gift Wrapping Cart

Organize your gift supplies by purchasing a rolling craft storage cart. This smart, little cart holds most everything you need for gift wrapping right at your fingertips- paper rolls, ribbon, folded tissue paper, and scissors to name a few.

In addition, craft storage carts are available at Home Depot, Amazon, and craft stores. You’ll wrap up your celebration to-dos in no time!

Organizing Extras-

gift wrap organizer

  • Plastic stacking drawers can hold extra ribbon, twine, and small gift boxes.
  • Rolls of wrapping paper will also stand to attention in tall, budget-friendly laundry hampers.
  • A hanging gift tote organizer makes it easy to store gift bags, tags, tissues, and small extras.

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Bookcase Wrapping Station

Organize your giftwrap in a bookcase!

Have an old bookcase you’re thinking of getting rid of? Transform it into a handy gift wrap organizer. Add dowels to the top shelf to hold wrapping paper rolls. Lastly, fill the lower shelves with baskets, magazine files, plastic totes, and pretty containers for storage.

Over-the-Door Wrapping Paper Organizer

Use racks on your door to store gift wrap and bags!

Take advantage of extra space on the back of a closet door to stash greeting cards and gift bags. Door rack systems are flexible and super easy to customize.

To design your over-the-door gift wrap solution hang the vertical steel axis on the door with over door hooks. Then attach wire baskets wherever you like, repositioning them as needed.

Make room for tall wrapping paper tubes by connecting a deep basket at the bottom and a media rack 14 inches or so, above. No more tipsy paper rolls!

This no-drill solution is ideal for renters or if you frequently move because you can take it with you.

The gift wrap organizer solutions above will help you corral your wrapping supplies and free up floor and closet space. In addition, by sorting your gift supplies, you’ll see what to keep and what to toss.

The next time you need to wrap a gift, you can quickly ‘shop’ your own organized gift area, saving time and money.

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(Photo Courtesy of DIY Passion, Steve & Kelly Plus Two)

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