7 Dazzling DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Sure to Impress

7 Dazzling DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Sure to Impress

Buying the perfect Christmas gift may be simple, but creative wrapping can be a challenge; especially if your present has a few lumps or bumps. Read on for seven impressive DIY gift wrapping ideas that will wow your recipient.

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

If you have a roll of brown kraft paper in your craft drawer, you can DIY your own beautiful wrapping paper with just a few supplies. (Photoed above) Cut your kraft paper to gift size first, or do a whole roll at once if you have the time.

Add personality to your packaging with white acrylic paint, paint brushes, ribbon and a label maker. Designs to try include: Brushstroke, Paint Splatter, Dry Brush and Label Maker.

Burlap Gift Wrap

Burlap gives your gifts a more homey look.

Give your holiday gifts a modern farmhouse look with burlap, metallic paint and trim. Paint and plaster a roll of burlap ribbon to create a frosted snow look. Or spray the ribbon with gold or silver paint for a metallic touch.

Glue on the decorative trim. You’ll have a uniquely wrapped gift that will have your friends asking, “How’d you do that?”

Lastly, supplies you’ll need include: a roll of burlap ribbon, plaster or texturing medium, putty knife and builder paper.


DIY Paper Tassles

DIY gift wrapping ideas

Slightly Costal’s charming DIY paper tassels are a great way to highlight your packages. They’re easier to make than you think! Little cuts to make a fringe, wrapping, rolling and a dab of glue create these fabulously cute gift accents.

Furthermore, a few supplies you’ll need include: colored paper, glue gun, scissors and decorative ribbon. These fun, handmade tassels will add a touch of sophistication to your holiday packages.

Postal Gift Wrap

DIY gift wrapping ideas

There’s something extraordinary about a gift covered in pretty handmade wrappings. And it’s an excellent way to surprise your recipient and show you care.

Blesser House’s Christmasy vintage postal gift wrap will impress your travel-loving recipient. Just wrap your box in brown kraft paper and add colorful washi tape accents in a grid pattern.

Finally, attach printable stamps and add a final jute twine bow plus a snip of fresh greenery and you’re good to go. It’s a fun way to show off your rustic vintage side at Christmas.

3 Simplistic and Traditional DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

These handy DIY gift wrapping ideas have a more traditional look and are easy to finish up last minute.

1. For a look that’s easy and always a hit, try wrapping your gift in an oversized bow or blanket scarf. Or if your present consists of several small items like a themed bath set, arrange them in a pretty basket or small metal tub for a lovely presentation. Cover with cellophane wrap if you wish. Wrap your gift in a blanket scarf and your recipient will receive two presents- one to keep them warm. Supplies you’ll need include wire ribbon, pipe cleaners, and a purchased (or DIY) blanket scarf. Faux greenery, trim and a handmade gift tag completes the festive look. Get the full tutorial on making a big bow, blanket scarf here.

2. Got an oddly shaped gift? Discovered you’re out of gift bags at the last minute? Cut and fold your way into a nifty and frugal DIY gift bag created from gift wrap. This is also the perfect solution for repurposing extra wrapping paper stored from years’ past. Supplies you’ll need include scissors, rectangle hole punch, ribbon and gift wrap.

3. If you’re handy with a sewing machine or needle this creative, star-shaped gift wrap idea is easy to whip up with just a few craft supplies. Additionally, this celestial-inspired gift is fun to open! Cut out two stars using the provided template. Sew along the edge leaving one side open to stuff the gift inside and then sew closed for a truly unique presentation. Supplies you’ll need include poster paper, sewing machine or needle and thread, and scissors.

These DIY options are a great way show off your creative side and save some extra money. Make the season shiny and bright with these nifty DIY gift wrapping ideas.


(Photos Courtesy of: Molly of Almost Perfect, Nancy of Slightly Coastal, Lauren of Blesser House)

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