Sparkle the Season with these Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Sparkle the Season with these Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Blinking lights and colorful baubles make your Christmas tree sparkle, but Christmas ornaments that are unique to your family are what really make it special. These 10 DIY Christmas ornaments are easy for you and your kids to make, and there’s a style to suit every family.

Choose your favorite and make your tree your own!

Every Christmas Tree Tells a Story

Your Christmas tree tells the story of your family: from your grandmother’s star on top, to the crumbling paper Rudolph you made in elementary school, to the “baby’s first Christmas” ornament that you will treasure all your days.

Every tree is unique, and we’ve hand-selected 10 of our favorite homemade Christmas ornaments to help you continue the tradition of making your tree your own. These designs are inexpensive and easy to make, and many of them are perfect art projects for the kids to have fun with during their vacation time from school.

Merry Christmas!

1: Adorable Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

These adorable goggly-eyed reindeer ornaments are a wonderful way to upcycle leftover wine corks from all that holiday cheer and turn them into holiday memories that will last for many seasons to come. This is a super-easy easy project that you can invite the kids to help with, and it’s the perfect art project for after watching Rudolph.

These ornaments are also very inexpensive and low-mess. What’s not to love!

2: Belly-Warming Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments

These clever, easy-to-make ornaments combine beauty, creativity and deliciousness to create a one-of-a-kind addition to your tree. Just fill food-safe hollow plastic ornaments with layers of hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows of various colors and decorate with ribbons, and you have an ornament that will please the eye, the belly, and the heart.

These ornaments make wonderful inexpensive handmade gifts for friends, family and coworkers, and they are also just right for starting a new family tradition: you can make an ornament for each family member, with a flavor of their choosing, and hang it on the tree until it’s time to open gifts.

Then each family member can enjoy their own special cup of hot chocolate while they open their holiday gifts!

3: Rustic Boho Twig Arrow Ornaments

DIY ornaments

If you like the rustic, Boho look, these feather-and-twig arrow ornaments are just right. Made of twigs, jute and feathers and adorned with colorful wooden beads, these little arrows bring a simple country charm that makes an excellent counterbalance to all that holiday bling.

4: Multi-colored Melted Crayon Ornaments

how to make Christmas ornaments

Colorful ornaments are so gorgeous, they look like you paid a pretty penny for them. But they are inexpensive and easy to make, and there is zero mess, because all of the crayon pieces go inside of the ornaments before the melting happens.

All you need are some glass craft ornaments, some crayons, a sharp craft knife, a hair dryer, and a pair of oven mitts or thick winter gloves. No two ornaments are alike because of the different ways the colors run, and your kids will have fun choosing different color combinations for their ornaments (just make sure you handle the hot part).

These ornaments also make wonderful gifts!

5: Pine Cone Bow Ornaments

These rustic ornaments are the epitome of simple tradition. Pine cones have been decorating Christmas trees for hundreds of years, and these ornaments are a quick, inexpensive, easy way to carry on that time-honored tradition and add a natural touch to your tree.

This is also the perfect ornament for kids to make themselves.

6: 3-D Star Ornaments

These 3-D circle or star-shaped ornaments come with free printable patterns from this website. Just print the free decorative patterns onto card stock paper, cut them out, and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own 3-dimensional circles and stars!

7: Felt Mini-Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree with little Christmas trees—how very meta! These cute little Christmas trees use buttons as ornaments, and are quick and easy to put together.

Hang them on your tree or make little stand-alone mini trees for your mantel, side tables, or as a part of your Christmas centerpiece. These scented pumpkin candles also make beautiful additions to your holiday centerpiece.

8: Sparkling Dipped Glitter Ornament

This project takes clear glass craft ornaments and transforms them into glittering masterpieces. Coat the inside of the ornament with the paint color of your choice, apply glue to the bottom outside of the ornament, and dip it in sparkling glitter.

This creates a uniquely eye-catching effect that beats expensive store-bought ornaments hands-down.

9: Photo Transfer Ornaments

Christmas is all about family, and these ornaments are a beautiful way to make your family a part of your tree. Buy wooden ornaments from a craft store, print your favorite family photos from the preceding year, and apply them to the ornaments.

Make a new ornament each year, and watch your family grow! These ornaments are also inexpensive to make.

10: Colorful Christmas Candy Ornaments

Forget visions of dancing sugarplums! You’ll love these colorful ornaments that are almost limitless in variety.

Use hard Christmas candy of varying colors and designs, along with cookie cutters and candy molds of different shapes and sizes to make beautiful one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments!

Photos courtesy of Frugal Momeh, Thoughts from Alice, Meet the Dubiens, and Bubbly Nature Creations.

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DIY ornaments are an easy way to get the kids involved with decorating for the holidays! These ornaments also make great holiday gifts for friends and family.