Bring Good Fortune in the New Year with Plant Gifts

Bring Good Fortune in the New Year with Plant Gifts

There are many New Year’s traditions that are thought to bring good fortune. In the United States, kissing a loved one at midnight brings good luck. Moreover, upstate New Yorkers buy candy peppermint pigs, break off a piece with a small hammer, and eat a piece for good luck.

Whatever your New Year’s tradition is, make sure to wish your family and friends luck in the coming year with New Year’s plant gifts.

About Orchids

Beautiful and exotic, orchids are fascinating indoor plants that will add a ‘tropical’ feel to the indoors. Orchids originate from one of the oldest family of plants and are believed to have existed since ancient times.

In fact, there are more than 25,000 species of orchids! These exotic plants grow in a huge range of sizes. From the width of a dime to some species weighing hundreds of pounds!

Orchid flowers are symmetrical, which means a flower, when divided in half, perfectly mirrors the other half.

Furthermore, the vanilla bean used in vanilla extract comes from a species of orchid plant called the vanilla orchid. Commercially grown and harvested, vanilla orchids are a very popular species for that reason.

Why is an Orchid a Good Luck Plant?

Attract love, enhance friendships, and soothe the soul with orchid plants. Furthermore, ancient greeks believed that orchids also enhanced fertility and masculinity.

gift jade plants as a new year's plant gift

About Jade Plant

Jade plants are considered lucky in Asia. Typically, a business owner will place the plant near the front door for good luck.

The jade plant is a succulent that belongs to the stonecrop family and originates from South Africa. Although it’s a succulent, it can grow to 3 to 10 feet in height.

Notable characteristics include its thick, multi-branched stem foliage. It produces spoon-shaped, shiny, dark green leaves. The foliage is fleshy with red-tinged edges.

Correspondingly, some varieties have foliage with stripes of white and pink. And, some even produce small, star-shaped flowers in white or pink hues.

You can watch your jade plant bloom during the winter and springtime. If your jade plant is outside, then watch for beneficial insects.

The blooms emit a sweet-smelling scent that attracts beneficial insects such as bees, flies, wasps, and butterflies.

Why is a Jade Plant a Good Luck Plant?

The jade plant symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and renewal. In feng shui, the plant’s round-shaped foliage symbolizes success.

Lucky bamboo makes a great New Year's gift.

About Lucky Bamboo

One of the most popular ‘lucky’ plants to give as a gift is a lucky bamboo plant. Although the plant name says ‘bamboo’ this attractive plant is actually a member of the lily family.

‘Dracaena sanderiana’ is this plant’s formal name and represents a type of tropical water lily. Although it’s part of the water lily family, it can be grown in a planter.

The lucky bamboo plant is an easy to grow indoor plant and grows best in indirect sunlight.

It represents the natural element ‘wood’ while the red ribbon symbolizes the element ‘fire.’

Furthermore, it promotes a flow of positive energy. Just properly place it in a home or office setting to create a sense of balance and safety.

Additionally, the number of stalks is significant and ranges from two to twenty-one. The stalks signify the type of luck desired.

  • Two stalks – for love and for doubling your luck
  • Three stalks for longevity, wealth, and happiness
  • Five stalks for wealth
  • Six stalks for luck
  • Seven stalks for good health
  • Twenty-one stalks – for blessings and abundance

The more bundled stalks you have, the more luck.

Why is Lucky Bamboo Considered a Lucky Plant?

Attract wealth, love, and happiness to someone you care about by gifting this plant to them.

rosemary plants to give as new year's gifts

About Rosemary

Rosemary is an herbal plant that is native to the Mediterranean coastline. This pretty yet tasty plant got its name from the Latin words “ros” and “marinus,” which mean “dew of the sea.”

The plant has evergreen, needle-like leaves, with the upper surfaces a dark green with a grayish underside. Rosemary blooms in white, purple, blue, or pink flowers during spring and summer. It flowers year-round in warm climates.

It is closely related to other culinary herbs such as basil, oregano, and lavender. Similar to these other culinary herbs, rosemary is a popular ingredient in Italian dishes.

However, when it’s not used to herb a dish, it can be found in medicines, aromatherapy, and cosmetics.

Rosemary thrives in full sunlight and prefers dry, sandy soil. When grown in the right conditions, rosemary matures as an evergreen bush reaching 2 to 6 feet in height.

Why is Rosemary a Good Luck Plant?

Relax the mind, boost thinking, and preserve youthfulness with a rosemary plant. Furthermore, rosemary attracts love and promotes healing and protection.

money trees are thought to bring good fortune

About Money Tree

The money tree is a popular plant in feng shui design. The scientific name ‘pachira aquatica’ makes it a member of the bonsai family. Correspondingly, the money tree is native to central and South America.

Money trees have ‘mystical powers’. Many believe it will give the money tree owner good luck.

Each tree is different because of its uniquely braided trunk created by the grower. To elaborate, each money tree is actually four to five separate trees with the trunks braided together.

And, most have five to six leaves on each stem. However, if you find a stem with seven leaves on the steam, then it is thought to bring extra fortune.

Money trees can grow up to 10 feet tall in their natural habitat. But, when grown indoors, they can grow up to seven feet tall.

According to ancient legend, a man prayed for wealth. He grew multiple money trees from one plant. He credited the plant with his newfound fortune, giving the plant its name.

Why is a Money Tree a Good Luck Plant?

Money trees emit a positive flow of energy. This energy can bring good fortune to its owner.

In China, gifting money trees is popular during the New Year. This new year’s plant gift will bring good luck to the recipient.

Keep in mind, one money tree plant is often three or five plants braided together. If four plants are braided together, then that’s considered bad luck.

Did you know? In Spain, eating 12 grapes at midnight is thought to bring good fortune- one grape for each month of the year. Furthermore, in Brazil, people wear white on New Year’s Eve for peace and good luck.

Have you ever received a plant as a gift? Let us know what plant in the comments below!