How to Clean Glass Surfaces in Your Home

How to Clean Glass Surfaces in Your Home

Do you find yourself constantly cleaning your windows and mirrors, but they still seem dirty? Even if you wash your windows and wipe down your mirrors often, they can appear unclean if you aren’t cleaning them the right way.

You might think the standard paper towel and store-bought glass cleaner is the best method. However, this can leave behind streaks and lint that causes surfaces to still look dirty.

Make your glass surfaces sparkle with these cleaning tips!

Start off by making sure you are using the proper tools to clean. Paper towels can cause streaks, so use a microfiber cloth, chamois, or a squeegee instead.

You can also use a piece of crumpled up newspaper. It won’t cause any stains because glass doesn’t absorb ink, but avoid rubbing newspaper on any window frames.

It is a good idea to put a towel down over any window sills before cleaning, especially if they are made of wood.

Try this all-natural glass cleaner, and stop using harsh chemicals around your home. This solution is simple and affordable to make.

The supplies you’ll need are: white vinegar, distilled water, a spray bottle, a microfiber cloth/lint-free cloth, or a piece of newspaper. Windows and mirrors collect dirt easily, but follow these steps and they’ll be shining in no time.

Make sure you’re using the right tools for cleaning glass surfaces.

Steps for Cleaning Glass Surfaces

  1. Create a solution by mixing one part white vinegar and four parts water.
  2. Spray the solution on your cloth, or dip the cloth in the solution and wring out the excess liquid. If you are using a newspaper, just spray the surface with the solution.
  3. Rub the glass in a circular motion to remove any spots.
  4.  Clean the surface with vertical swipes, and then horizontal swipes.
  5. Polish the glass using a piece of newspaper, or an old cotton t-shirt.
Learn how to deal with common cleaning problems.
Common Problems & How to Solve Them

There is a waxy film on the glass: use the same cleaning method as above, but create your solution by mixing two cups of water, a quarter cup of vinegar, and a half cup of liquid dish soap.

The glass looks cloudy: mix a half cup of rubbing alcohol, two tablespoons of ammonia, and a quarter teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Again, follow the same glass cleaning steps as mentioned above. You could also clean a cloudy mirror with shaving cream, as long as it’s not gel.

The surface has caked-on buildup or a thick smoke film: spray pure white vinegar over the entire surface. Clean with the scrubbing side of a non-scratch/all-purpose sponge. Then use a small squeegee to remove the excess water.

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Additional Tips:
  • Don’t try to buff the glass while wet, wait until it is fully dry. Rubbing the glass when it’s wet creates a static charge that traps the lint on the surface. Lint will be much easier to attract once the glass is completely dry because the static effect will be gone.
  • Clean windows inside and outside every few months to keep them looking clear.
  • It is better to use distilled water instead of tap water because some of the minerals in tap water can cause streaks.
  • For hard water stains or streaks that aren’t easily removed, you can use pure white vinegar without diluting it.
  • Small scratches can be polished using a little bit of white toothpaste.
  • Wipe and dry the surface quickly to avoid streaks.