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Show your Style with these 5 Uniquely Fun Flower Containers

The weather’s warming up, and you’re picking out spring flowers and hanging baskets to enjoy out on the deck, in the garden, and inside your home. But why settle for the boring old pots that the flowers come in? Your beautiful blooms deserve better! Liven things up with these creative DIY ideas for showcasing your favorite flowers. 1: Quirky Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden This creative couple saved the large cans that they bought tomatoes […]

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Build a Vertical Garden and Turn a Small Space into a Big Harvest!

Whether you’re growing scrumptious veggies, flavorful herbs or gorgeous flowers and succulents, gardening is a very rewarding pastime. Sometimes, though, your love of plants can be bigger than your available square footage. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space you have while growing a sustainable, resource-friendly garden, look no further! Whether you want to plant indoors or outdoors, these tools of the trade will help you bust through the limits of plain old […]

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