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Learn Your Hardiness Zone and Take the Doubt out of Spring Planting!

Whether you’re planting trees, shrubs, vegetables or perennials, climate is key when you’re choosing what to plant. Everyone knows that you can’t grow an orange tree in Minnesota or a field of wheat in South Florida, but there’s a pretty big gray area for most plants. Pick the wrong plant for your climate, and you’ll wind up wasting time, money and effort. And now that you can order so many seeds and plants online, knowing […]

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Winter Gardening: Now’s the Time to Get a Jump on Spring Planting

Whether or not your neighborhood is under a blanket of snow, your garden may seem pretty dormant this time of year. But make no mistake: your perennials are preparing themselves to spring forth as soon as the weather warms up. Melissa, a member of our team, was just telling us about the lovely garlic shoots she saw peaking out of the ground after a brief snow melt. The “dead” of winter is actually the perfect […]

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