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4 Super Ways to Attract Butterflies–Let Nature Beautify Your Garden!

Spring’s flowers will be blooming soon, and with the blooms come the butterflies. These beautiful little bugs come in nearly every color, and few things are more calming than watching them flutter lazily along under the summer sun. Butterflies are also an excellent way to teach your kids about nature; the butterfly’s life cycle and migration are fascinating to young and old minds alike. But you don’t have to just sit on your deck and […]

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Plant these 5 Flowers in the Fall for a Beautiful Spring!

Spring just wouldn’t be spring without the fragrant, colorful blooms that peek up out of the ground letting us know that winter is finally over. But the best time to plant flowers for springtime blooms is in the fall, so the bulbs can become well-established in their new homes and ready to put on a show come spring. That’s why fall gardening isn’t just about trimming plants down for the winter–put these 5 beautiful blooms […]

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