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4 Reasons to Start the New Year with Wet & Forget Shower

Chances are, you’ve made a couple of New Year’s resolutions this year. Maybe you plan to go to the gym more often, quit smoking, or spend more time with your loved ones. We here at Wet & Forget have the perfect addition for your list of things to do in 2013: get the clean shower your family deserves, while spending less time, money and effort getting there. You’ve got much more important things to do, […]

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5 Ways Wet & Forget Shower Beats Daily Shower Sprays

There’s a good chance you’re left feeling disappointed when using a daily shower spray. Spraying your shower every single day is a hassle, and many no-scrub shower sprays smell horrible. And if your no-scrub shower spray contains bleach, watch out–you could end up shelling out money to replace ruined shower curtains or rugs. And, speaking of money, all those bottles of daily shower spray you have to buy to keep your shower clean can really […]

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