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Tips on Protecting Plumbing Pipes from Freezing

Winter has arrived bringing cold weather to many parts of the country along with the potential for frozen pipes, water damage, and costly plumbing bills.  Home Improvement expert Danny Lipford, has some helpful tips to prevent your pipes from freezing this winter, as well as how to thaw them out if they do. Winterize Outdoor Faucets If your home isn’t equipped with frost-free hose bibbs that are designed to prevent freezing, now is the time […]

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5 Key Ways to Winterize Your Home

Fall has officially begun, and many of us have already had the first frost of the season. This time of year, when the leaves are changing colors and your kids are thinking about this year’s Halloween costume, is the perfect time to winterize your home and prepare it for the colder weather to come. A poorly winterized home can cost you extra bucks on your heating bill, leave your home vulnerable to damage, and even be […]

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