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Check out 5 of our Favorite Flowers to Brighten up your Garden!

Flowers bring vibrant color to your garden and make you want to spend more time outdoors enjoying your deck, patio, or outdoor gathering place. This is the perfect time of year to think about which beautiful blooms you want to add to your collection, so read on to get the lowdown on 5 of our favorites, along with growing tips and other essential information. Happy gardening! 1: Classic Roses Roses are one of the world’s […]

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Discover 5 Tips for Keeping Bugs Away the Natural Way!

Gnats and mosquitoes are two of summer’s biggest headaches, and a swarm of either of these pests can break up a barbecue faster than even the biggest social faux pas. You don’t want yourself and your guests to be hopping around and madly swatting at the air, but you might not want to bathe in smelly chemicals, either. Read on to discover 5 natural, DIY ways to stop the “bugging” this summer. 1. Use Lavender […]

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These 5 Delicious Edible Flowers Add Beautiful Flavor to Your Garden

Planting something and watching it grow is an immensely rewarding experience. Whether you’re growing gorgeous flowers to beautify your property or vegetables to feed your family, gardening is one of the best ways to make the most of your property. But plants don’t have to just look pretty or taste good–some plants can do double-duty, and give you more bang for your buck. These 5 beautiful blooms will not only be a pleasure for the […]

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