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The 7 Keys to Blissful Outdoor Dining

This is the perfect time of year to invite friends and family over and savor a delicious meal outdoors. But an old, splinter-filled picnic table, a crumbling patio or rickety deck, or a ravenous horde of mosquitoes are enough to send your guests home well before dessert. With July 4th weekend just around the corner, these 7 key tips and scrumptious recipes will get you ready to dine outdoors in comfort and style! 1. Mouth-Watering […]

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Special Summer Roundup: 7 of Our All-Time Favorite Gardening Posts

Now that it’s officially summer, we’re all getting outside and taking advantage of the long days and the sunshine. Your garden plays a key role in making the most out of your summer: It supplies fresh veggies for your cookouts, gives you beautiful scenery to gaze at while you’re sipping iced tea on the porch swing, and provides a backdrop for fun nights toasting marshmallows over the fire with friends. But a neglected garden can […]

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